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melv16 | 20:17 Mon 08th Feb 2016 | Motoring
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...the conga dee dee dee dee dee dee dee, I bought a new car last week dee dee dee dee it went in for a service today dee dee dee and there's nowt wrong with it dee diddly dee :-)


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Well, there shouldn't be anything wrong with it if it's a new car!

Why have you had it serviced?
New to Melv, I assume.

What kind of car?
I'll lay you evens that the engine will drop out tomorrow ;-)
Question Author
I stand corrected tilly-it's another car, a Peugeot 307 estate.
Question Author
Don't tempt fate, chris :-/
Enjoy it, Melv.
Question Author
Thank you, tilly
What colour is it?
Question Author
Green, tilly.

....mind you, the right way to do it is - check that nothing's wrong with it, THEN buy it!
Question Author
It had 12mths test on it & was low mileage. I got it for a snip, ginge :-)
Question Author
Yup, GREEEEEEN, tilly.
Yawn........Twitter, Twitter.

Only having a laugh !


Why do folks who buy secondhand cars always claim to buy new cars?
Question Author
Because it's new to them, baldric......
Still in Grumpyville I see Balders. Tell yer uncle Zacs whassup?
I have just noticed that this is in Motoring and not in Chatterbank, so I'm off. Sorry to be flippant.

A new car is a new car. Wheeeeee!

I usually buy ex demonstraters, they are what they, used/secondhand and I never claim otherwise.

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