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Fuel Pricing In U.K.

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Alltorque | 23:24 Sun 18th Sep 2005 | Motoring
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Not a question, just some facts. UK price for unleaded petrol is made up as follows, (figures slightly rounded to allow single decimal places).

Fuel Cost : 35.4 p/Ltr variable

Excise Duty : 47.1 p/Ltr fixed

VAT : 14.4 p/Ltr variable depending on Fuel Cost

Total Cost : 96.9 p/l

VAT is levied on both the fuel cost and the Excise Duty, so we're paying tax on a tax. Neat trick.


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Quite so.  Some of the cost will be transport, but I cannot imagine it being very much per litre.  A surprising fact emerged recently (I may have the original quote but can't find it at the moment) - in Venezuela, petrol costs less than mineral water.

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Fuel Pricing In U.K.

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