Ford Focus central locking problem.

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Richie999 | 19:34 Mon 12th Sep 2005 | Motoring
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I own a 1999 Ford Focus and have had no problems with it untill the other day when the central locking just stopped working alltogether. You can lock the doors manually but the key fob and normal key both do not work. Even the boot release button inside has stopped working. Is this an earth problem or could it just be a relay? Does anyone have any ideas?


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Earth problem is possible, although it sounds more like a fuse may have blown.

Pop the fuse cover off and look to see if you can identify which one it is. Remove the fuse and examine closely, you should be able to see a wire element inside crossing the fuse from one side to the other. If it's blown it will be obvious to you. replace with same rated fuse and replace cover.

Good luck.

Do you mean that if you physically put the key in and turn it, the locks work?
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I did look at the fuses and all seemed o.k which is why i thought it may be an earth, but i will have another look just to be sure. Thanks.

When the lock is inserted into the drivers door lock, it locks/unlocks that door only. The rest of the doors are not being activated by the central locking at all.

Not quite the same symptoms that I had with my Mondeo (remote locking was shot, but manual was fine), but I had a Google and found a site (with pictures) that recommended disconnecting and reconnecting a couple of wires under the dash.

Unfortunately I can't remember the site, nor have I time to find it - but it may be worth you looking. Ford wanted to charge �70 (as a starting fee) to look into it, the job took me literally a couple of minutes!

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Thanks i will search for it, it may be worth a try. As you say Ford's are a rip off and i think it just depends on what sort of a day they have had as to how much they charge you!

Thanks a lot. All the best

Hi i have a 1999 focus with the same symptoms as rich999.
I'vetried to find the central locking fuse but my manual says its fuse 63 and the fuse box only goes upto 62???
Can anyone help please? Also does anyone have a cure?
I have an identical problem with my ford cougar. What was the problem with your focus in the end? and was it expensive?! Ford seem to think the problem with mine is the ECU, �500 to fix!
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Im not too sure about the Couger, but the problem with my Focus turned out to be a blown Fuse which was hidden behind the fuse box under where the passengers feet go. You had to unscrew the fuse box and hidden right behind it was the fuse. Im sure Fords could charge what they want as nobody else seems to know about this 'hidden fuse'!!
Hope that helps, let me know.....
Found it and fixed it! you've saved me untold amounts of money, Cheers!
not my topic but saves me creating a totally new topic about the same problem i guess :) heres my car spec's just incase my car isnt suppossed to hav central lockin....

Ford Focus 1.4 CL (Zetec Engine)
5 Door
2002 (52) Plate
Nothing fancy like elecy windows or nethin.
No fob / button, basic key in the door technique :)

anywayz..... im sure the salesman said my car has central locking when i bought it, had it a few weeks and so far havnt had it working once. Took it in for a general service today just for window washers sortin. (they said nothin about central locking and i 4got to ask to be honest) but went and picked up the car and the first time since iv had it i unlocked my door and my girlfriend says "my door just unlocked!!!" and as it hadnt worked since the day i got it i gave up hope and thought it probably doesnt hav it. So to test it, i locked and unlocked my door a couple of times and to my suprise it worked!, drove off happy as larry thinking i had central locking, get to mcdonalds, get out to lock up and yep, u guessed central locking working (my girl did press the manual inside lock though?)

anyway, anyone got any ideas to wat it cud be? iv checked tones of forums and my car manual but cant find anything, the manual is for higher spec focus's though and reflects nothing on my car so i cant follow a word that says, i tryed somethin someone told me were i unlock my door and hold the key for a few seconds and that would unlock other doors. but to no provail. Please help :(

sorry for long winded speech
This was not the case on my 99 Couger. Fords Hidden central fusebox and this is applicable to many models and not just the Couger. After much googling I located the whereabouts of the Central fuse box,its not easy even when you know where its supposed to be? I posted this on another forum "The central fuse box is located under the glove box,you need to take down the foot well trim.Its not easy to see use a torch there is a small button which you pull to lower the fusebox then you can pull the fusebox towards you to access the fuses.There seems to be lots of people with this problem and seems to be a stupid place to hide a fusebox and seems designed to drag you into a main dealer for a petty fault.My own fault was a central locking boot release problem a simple case of replacing the 20 amp fuse and freeing off the boot release key barrel with WD 40 at least £200 @ your friendly dealer.

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Ford Focus central locking problem.

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