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When do you wash your car?

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AB Editor | 12:28 Fri 06th Mar 2015 | Motoring
113 Answers

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  • Once or twice per month - 93 votes
  • 23%
  • Every couple of months - 91 votes
  • 23%
  • A few times per year - 78 votes
  • 19%
  • Once per week - 63 votes
  • 16%
  • Never - 42 votes
  • 10%
  • Less often - 35 votes
  • 9%

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Yay! :)
Those answers wouldn't have fitted into the crossword anyway.
We aren't in crosswords Pixie :-)
But that guy I've just banned was certainly using a few cross words, Mamyalynne ;-)
4 across, has an engine and four wheels.
Sure was Chris.
Didn't see this guy's removed answers, Chris. Was he upset about having to wash his car ?.
I get the lads in the car park at the supermarket to do it,
while I do my shopping.
£6 including the tip. (actual cost £5.99!)
Wow! You certainly know how to tip, Mastercraft!
When I think its dirty really...usually twice a month i'd say

The local car washing firm do a wash and a valet for £12

( They do my Toyota 8 seater for £18 )


Eighteen quid!

Ruddy 'ell. 20 car washes would cost a tenner more than my car did ;-)
£12 yogi !, £10 in my neck of the woods.
£15 here for inside and out. Looks like new though.
Probably more competition where I live, pixie. There seems to be a car wash every couple of hundred yards.
It's only the dirt that's holding my car together :(
Lol Chris

How times have changed eh?

Yeah, but you dont have scantily dressed women doing the washing.
>>>It's only the dirt that's holding my car together

Surely there's all the chewing gum and sticky sweet wrappers, left in it by your kids, helping to hold it together as well, Sherrardk?

I do it in the shower with my toothbrush, when I'm finished my teeth
>>>How times have changed eh?

That 350 quid doesn't refer to my first car, YB. It's my current one that cost that (about 5 years ago)!

I was working (as a casual relief driver) for a Ford main dealer when I needed a new car. They allowed staff to buy trade-ins at just £50 more than they'd paid for them, so I got a decent Ford Escort Estate (with alloy wheels, air-con, etc), that they would have sold for £1400 on their forecourt, for £350 ;-)

81 to 100 of 113rss feed

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When do you wash your car?

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