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Astra Cd400 Temperature Reading?

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flobadob | 11:50 Thu 18th Dec 2014 | Motoring
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Can anyone tell me how to change the temperature reading on the CD400 radio from Fahrenheit to Celsius?


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Found this on a Vauxhall Forum, any help?

on the left hand stalk,the indicators one, push the menu button and it takes you into the first menu which is the one you want, then scroll, also on the stalk to what you want then push the button on the end of the stalk to set.
Subtract 32, divide by 9, multiply by 5.
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Baldric, thank you, that worked. Could you send me a link to that please.

Canary thank you for giving me a sore head.

It was just a Q & A Forum, that was the only Q referring to Temp. Gauge
2nd or 3rd one down.

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Astra Cd400 Temperature Reading?

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