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TWR | 18:47 Thu 02nd Oct 2014 | Motoring
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As you know, there are a lot of after market spares for your car, it makes no difference what make it is, do you trust the after market replacement? the reason I put this post in place is to save you time (Labour) Cost! debateable? Quality ( You pay for what you get, I like a lot on here do the work myself, Example, I used after market Brake Pads, for a few miles they were very good, after many miles the brakes started to squeal, needless to say that will not satisfy me, they had to be replaced, not with my car makers but a different makers. I have just replaced a Derv Fuel Filter from a local After Market Dist, it turned out to be faulty, result, more time to take off & replace. what do you think?


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I use a local main dealer for MOT, servicing and maintenance.

It is a provider I trust and a price that I think is acceptable.
Has you know TWR I also do a fair bit of car maintenance for my self ( and others ), I always use a quality make for what ever parts I replace. No good if you've got to do the job twice because of inferior parts imo.
Question Author
Hi Tony, I have noticed this of late, serviced a Derv Car, fuel was not coming through as it should, replaced Derv Filter, job sorted.
Was it an original or a cheapo filter that you took out, TWR ?.
For the record I have replaced a hand brake cable and not broken a the past.

Today, I just cannot be bothered and am happy to pay for work to be done......and the main dealer suits me!

For the record I have replaced a hand brake cable and not broken a the past.

Well done, Eccles, did it chip your varnish though ;-)
I never noticed! I might be be blonde but not overtly girly ;-)

I get a really good deal from my local main dealer and feel aggrieved when similar get slated on AB.
I get a really good deal from my local main dealer and feel aggrieved when similar get slated on AB.

Hey Eccles if you get a good deal then you should be happy. However the main stealerships are renowned for over pricing.
Question Author
Orig came out Tony, Peugeot 308 1600 HDi, you have to transfer one part off the old unit, has to be looked at before the removal of the attaching unit.
I have been lucky with my VAG dealers and don't feel at all ripped off.

Question Author
Eccles, I do not know the year of you car!! but are you aware that you do not have to use the dealers to regain your warrantee providing the garage you use are VAT Reg, use the Genuine parts, service book stamped at the right intervals / time, the warrantee has to be upheld.
So it was clogged up through age / use then TWR.
I am fully aware that I have a choice. I have chosen to use a provider that is convenient, known to me, trust worthy, reliable, good value......should I continue for why I use this service provider?

2/3 of our cars are main dealer serviced by choice, the other is serviced by a specialist in the field. We have chosen this route, neither of us are daft and I find the persistent feeding that anyone who uses a main dealer for servicing as as a loon is tiresome.

There are independent garages/specialists out there but equally some have a good relationship and appreciate the value that the main dealers offer.
I think that when I used to do some of the car stuff myself (I was never a fanatic of car mechanics but liked to do simply stuff for cost reasons) I was happy with a big name 3rd party part from Halfords or the like. These days the main dealers do the servicing, or a nearby garage fixes stuff that needs sorting pronto. So I don't have much say. Can't say I noticed any big problem with the parts I used to fit, but I didn't keep a diary.

like I %"^%£$&£%^$&£%$ typed !
Question Author
Sorry for the delayed reply Tony, yes + the breather was gummed up.
we often use non gen parts on servicing contract vehicles where the costs have to be kept down,and to be honest we have never had a problem. As regards brakes yes we use non gen but well known like Ferodo / Mintex ,the chances are they are the same spec as original and probably the suppliers to the manufacturers.
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Some pattern parts are made by the same manufacturer as the OEM part.
I have never had a problem with any copy car part. On a similar note, I would never use a main car dealer for anything after seeing a big name service depot use cheap 'brand X' oil to refill after a service.
Last time I used a main dealer they left the plastic caps off the engine cover on the battery and a set of feeler gauges in the wing channel (thanks for the set though guys)
Although I always use a top brand cambelt when I change it, this is simply not worth skimping on.
But everything else is a copy or pattern part.

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