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Tigra Emissions?

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anthony25 | 16:41 Tue 23rd Sep 2014 | Motoring
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hi all recently purchased a vaux tigra 1.4 2000 reg as a cheap run about..mot recently expired due to emissions..

001-exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive
002-exhaust emissions hydrocarbon content after 2nd fast idle excessive

tigra drives lovely for its age also states has slight blue smoke on start up has no history with it hence what i paid for it..any pointers always appreciated..cheers.


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Piston Rings, worn Engine, what is the mileage.
Question Author
88k mileage
A tricky problem to fix unless you have access to an exhaust gas analyser. As TWR says it could be a number of things – I have known such problems to be the death of the vehicle (beyond economic repair). What did the MOT station say about fixing it?

It could be as simple as the spark plugs needing re-gapping/cleaning or the air filter unblocking – but without the gas analyser test, you’ll never know.
It might be worth someone like Home Tune taking a look – but given the value of the vehicle, you could easily spend more than it is worth and still not have a fix.
anthony25, I'd be tempted to take a punt with an oil additive and change the air filter for a new one and then put it back through the MOT.
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well thanks guys..what im going do i think is replace fuel filter...air filter looks brand new and i mean brand new...ive cleaned the throttle body all out was quite oily..and im going replace spark plugs..also the engine oil also looks very good not sludgy or dark at oil so i would say its had some maintenance recently but will go for the fuel filter and plugs and report back.

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Tigra Emissions?

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