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TWR | 20:38 Tue 29th Jul 2014 | Motoring
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Years gone by in the job I held, I often used to help stranded motorists, male / female, do you help others that have breakdowns? or do you just pass by thinking the person " May have asked for help on their mobile?


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If it was a Female broken down somewhere risky or at night, and ONLY if my OH was with me I would stop and check, otherwise No!

Ps, Ladies, you've only got yourselves to blame for that ^^^ attitude.
I think people have become very cautious of stopping for anyone - there have been instances where the broken down person has jumped into your car and driven off, or worse. I remember my BIL saying that he would no longer stop to help a woman broken down, you don't know what you might be getting into :-(
why have we, Baldric....? I've heard stories of a woman being used as a draw-in for a man with bad intentions hiding in the bushes.
It is entirely dependent on the circumstances.

If someone is quietly sat at the side of the road apparently content then I will assume they are awaiting assistance.

I was driving down a remote country lane very early in the morning when a young male leapt into the road to flag me down, he wanted a jump start.

I did think twice about helping him but drove up the lane turned round and went back to help him and he was very grateful.

As a lone woman traveller I think it is wise to assess the risks before offering assistance.
TWR, there was a girl about the same age as me ( 20ish ) that lived a few doors away, I used to spend more time under the bonnet of her poxy 1100cc Escort Mk1 than I did on any of my own cars. Modern cars are a lot more reliable than the junk heaps of the past.
Do cars still break down? I don't think I've seen a breakdown for years.....
I remember fifty years ago my sister's then boss (female) used to make her night calls with a blow-up man in a suit and hat sitting in the front seat beside her - she was afraid of being followed on less busy roads, if people thought she was alone.
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That was used by many many people Boxy
Do a lot of people have break-downs near you. TW?

Too many stories of guys being set up, mugged or whatever!
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When I was night Driving Svejk, many many times I have helped people, those days you were safe, One person at night at a Place called Shap UK, snowing like hell had broken down with a Beema, I towed her to a Motorway Phone box, ( By right, not allowed in the UK) contacted her BF on my in-cab phone then contacted the Highway police, I would npot leave her until the police came, just part of the job at that time, it does not cost you anything except time.

Shap (shudder) it's a bit bleak there off season.
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Used to use the old A6 pass the Jungle Transport Café Baldric, been stuck on the top a few times, not that often on the M6, you were either stopped before the Shap A6 Southbound at the A66
I will be forever grateful to the lorry driver who tied up my exhaust on my way to the airport
If I see a lady stopped at the side of the road, I'll always generally stop to offer help
Recently in the late evening I saw a lone woman with a flat tyre, she waved me down. She was in a layby so I pulled in to see if I could help. As I got out of my car a chap 'appeared' from the rear of the stranded car. The whole scene looked like a trap so I took off hastily. Glad that I did as the two were arrested by an off-duty policeman a few days later after they tried it on him...
I always used to try and help as I travel with a good set of tools, jump leads, tow rope etc. But helping can take a lot of time up and to be honest I have helped people in the past and have had no thanks whetever so I stop for the older generation only now and being on flexi-time I can sit and natter to them until the breakdown lorry arrives. Stuff the young ones, they have mobile phones and friends - use them !
It's the modern world,you just don't know who you can trust.When I was a lad in the early '60's I hitch hiked all over the country and when I passed my test I would return the favour and pick up hikers.Then you started hearing all the horror stories of set ups etc and people became less trusting now you rarely see hikers,as for people who are broken down a lot would depend on the time and place.
The Parable of the Good Samaritan springs to mind.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this,it can be found in Luke 10
verses 30 - 37. :-)

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