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Middle Lane Driving Laws

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AB Editor | 15:32 Thu 15th May 2014 | Motoring
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  • No effect whatsoever. - 177 votes
  • 88%
  • Yes, a positive change, people are obeying the new law - 14 votes
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  • Yes, a negative effect - if anything drivers have got worse! - 10 votes
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which bit nj?

one of the problems, is the word hogging is quite subjective ...i have seen people get irate within seconds of seeing someone in the middle lane, its an instant assumption and accusation that often seems to need no evidence.
"it also seems like some people dont actually know what MLH actually is, and think its pretty much ANY car in the middle lane. "
You obviously include yourself in that statement joko, by your own admission you are a MLH.
how am i sigma?

MLH is someone who drives below the speed limit in the middle lane isnt it?

merely being in the middle lane does not make you a hogger.

hogger, by definition means doing something excessively and possibly to the detriment of others really.
No, a MLH is someone who continues to stay in the middle lane when the left lane is clear and doesn't pull over regardless of speed.
"MLH is someone who drives below the speed limit in the middle lane isnt it?"

Sigma has put it perfectly, joko. You need to read some of the earlier answers (and more importantly the Highway Code, particularly para 264) to understand. Neither your speed nor the prevailing traffic conditions (i.e. "there was nobody else about so I was not causing any inconvenience") are relevant. You should drive in the nearside lane whenever possible.

Of course there will be occasions where "whenever possible" is debatable and that's why the offence (careless driving) is subjective. However there are many occasions where "whenever possible" is not arguable and that's the instances these new measures are designed to deal with. Anybody wishing to argue that it was not practically possible for them to return to the nearside lane has simply to refuse the offer of a fixed penalty and instead opt for a court appearance when they can plead Not Guilty.

As has been mentioned, before passing a driving test drivers have no experience of motorway driving and many have little idea of the rules and the law pertaining to them (though similar rules apply to multi-lane dual carriageways which are not classified as motorways). Perhaps a second test needs to be taken to assess a driver's competence to drive on motorways.

I agree completely with your last paragraph. The Driving Test needs to be extended to include Motorway driving. I also think it would be a good idea to carry out the test without any 'L' plates on view, which I believe is the situation in Germany.
i am aware of that! my point was that, to many anyone in the middle lane is a hogger even if the left hand lane is not clear - i have experience it myself - impatient idiots tailgating me - when there is nowhere for me to go!

if the left is clear then obviously drive in it, but quite often it isnt clear at all.

as i said though, if everyone is doing the speed limit then the only person it is inconveniencing is the law breaker ... in which case they can go round.
Don't forget the other law breaker, the one sitting in the middle lane and committing the offence of careless driving
No effect whatsoever

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Middle Lane Driving Laws

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