Traffic congestion warning systems

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mfewell | 11:13 Fri 12th Aug 2005 | Motoring
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There's a thread going about sat-nav systems. I have an RAC 1210 traffic alert, which is a little device which velcros to your windscreen and has a system of warning lights (N,S,E,W) which on approach to a motorway will warn of jams within about 3 junctions of where you are. It is no longer sold (but still works). It has proved invaluable over the years. It wasn't very expensive, under �100 I think. What is the modern day equivalent. Without spending a huge sum, what is available now for warning of congestion ?


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Further to this, I asked on here a while ago if it was possible for the general public to access traffic cameras, e.g. on the web. How good it would be to be able to have a look at the webcams at the Dartford Tunnel before leaving home (or not). Radio reports are ok, but are not always up to date.
The Rac Traffic Alert (TA)1210 was brilliant for what it did - it also covered all major roads and interesections - not just M ways. It once saved me a long wait on the M5 when motorway closed for Air Ambulance access. The TA1210 showed the Mway blocked 3 junctions ahead so I was able to leave the M5 and drive up the A38 till the TA1210 showed roads ahead 'all clear'. I have now had to trash my old trusty 1210 and have been searching the net for alternative - but can only see very expensive sat nav systems. The TA1210 was originally about �30 via the RAC. Any suitable suggestions for replacements gratefully received.
Don't know why you had to trash it, but I've just been given one! Doesn't really help me a great deal as I live in Germany but if anyone's interested in it, please send me an email at fotofast [at] (of course [at] is replaced with @ with no spaces in front or behind) with the ref: RAC

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Traffic congestion warning systems

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