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Drivers' Politeness

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AB Editor | 17:42 Wed 15th Jan 2014 | Motoring
21 Answers

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  • Less Polite - 376 votes
  • 72%
  • About the same... - 112 votes
  • 21%
  • More Polite - 35 votes
  • 7%

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I live in a real world I'm afraid, What I do, I do not expect others top follow.
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I voted the same.

As I've only been a passenger recently, and a very nervous one at that, I've noticed more how polite drivers can be.
I only have 25 years under my belt as a driver but cannot see much difference.
I have to do a right turn in to a busy main road at rush hour. Other drivers are very obliging in stopping and waving me on.
When I am on my bicycle in Belfast I am overwhelmed by the courtesy shown to me by Ulster drivers, especially at Sandyknowles roundabout in rush-hour. When I am in my car it is a different matter, maybe because of my Dublin number plates!
I'm not sure when "used to be" is, but i find the vast majority courteous.
I have to blame immigration on this one, the foreign-plated cars round here have the rudest drivers, pushing past, jumping queues and not thanking in any way if you let them 'through'.
I think the standard of driving has plummeted to the level of these ignorant drivers.
I can't see much difference over recent years, tbh
Me neither.
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I don't see rudeness, i do see a lot of stupidity and general airheadedness.
Question Author
Surprising comments - not such a surprising result so far!
Ed, are you doing the AB housework?
I initially voted "no change" but, sitting on the bus this morning, I realised just how few people can be bothered to indicate nowadays - is this rudeness or idleness?
What I have noticed and is ticking me off is this business of drivers flashing their lights to let you pull out when they have right of way, I do not pull out and they get quite upset, well hard luck!!
I do that to let people out, barney. Might save them sitting there for ten minutes or so.
I make up my own mind based on what the traffic is doing. Sometimes it seems to me that the person who is offering the space has a differing opinion of oncoming traffic speeds from me. If i don't go I smile and indicate no thank you.
I reckon it all works quickest and safest if we follow the rules and drive our own cars, if I don't do as I am told by them flashing their lights they resort to hand waving and blowing their horn, just sit there and smile till the drivers behind them get shirty!!

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Drivers' Politeness

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