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Vectra C..hard Starting/idle..slight Smoking!

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anthony25 | 19:07 Sat 23rd Nov 2013 | Motoring
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hi friend of mine owns a 2005 vectra sri 1.8..petrol...and recently it takes 4-5 times turn of the key before it starts and when it does start it will idle up and down and sometimes cut out...but drives fine when running any advice always appreciated done 110,000..with eml light codes.....popped down to see the vectra this morning took 7-8 turns of the key then car seems to be smoking a little..white smoke...and it is cutting out at junctions and takes an eternity to get started seems to drive fine in between this?..its usimg no oil or water and drives absolutely fine when overheating issues..


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im looking towards..egr valve...idle valve..breather hose blocked somewhere...maybe?
The AB member who could help you most is Tonyav. I'm sure he will be around later, just keep an eye on your post, maybe repost your original question later and he will probably see it
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It could be many things causing the problem – white smoke is indicative of water getting into at least one of the cylinders (head gasket/cracked cylinder head).

Difficulty in starting could be down to poorly gapped spark plugs.
If the vehicle were mine, I would check the gap on all plugs, which will also give you the opportunity to examine the condition of the plugs – they should appear a light-brown colour (not sooty-black or wet with oil/fuel).
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my friend has just text me saying hes had a mechanic from the local garage have a look at it he says it has low compression and has a dropped valve?..:/
Well anthony, if that's the case a new ( or recon / rebuilt ) cylinder head is required.
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yes looks that way tony ....:/

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Vectra C..hard Starting/idle..slight Smoking!

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