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Mobile Phone Apps Used While Driving

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AB Editor | 14:45 Tue 21st May 2013 | Motoring
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Do any of you use mobile phone applications while "driving*"? if so, which ones?

I'm interested in apps which:

1. Help with fuel economy
2. Help you locate nearby petrol stations
3. Make using the phone easier while driving (not that you would, obviously)
4. Alerts you to speed traps
5. Alerts you to traffic jams

Any platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) is fine. Suggestions welcome across the board.

Thanks in advance.

*Driving may not mean driving and instead may mean being a passenger, pulling over to the side of the road to use said app


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1, Your right foot.

2, make sure your car is full before setting off.

3,Leave the phone switched off.

4,If you keep to the speed limit, you do not need alerts.

5, Pre-plan your journey, listen for road reports.
Question Author
So.... you didn't read the question then TWR?

I have 2 & 5 on my satnav, 4 is taken care of by a plug-in box that sits on the dashboard, and if I need my 'phone I've got built-in hands free, so no, I don't.
Well my SatNav does 2,4 and 5. My cars onboard trip computer for 1, and the cars hands free and voice activated dialling for 3.

I do have Navigon on my Iphone which is a good alternative for my Sat Nav if needed, but it really does use up the battery at a frightening rate.
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