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Cycling On The Pavement, What's Your Excuse?

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DangerUXD | 11:30 Tue 19th Mar 2013 | Motoring
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One of my bug bears I suppose but I'm old school, trained to cycle on the road properly and obey road rules etc. Anyway the other day I was walking home and some numpty on a bike got right up behind and rang his bell. I did not move at all and after a bit more ringing I turned around and pointed out the road about 2 feet to his left and said "get on the road, why are you on the pavement?" - Here's the good bit, he said and I kid ye not, it was less dangerous to pedestrians if he cycles on the pavement that it is to cyclists to cycle on the road - I've only just stopped ranting! How has it got to the stage now where most cyclists think that cycling on the pavement is ok? Dropping the kerbs at the corners hasn't helped here either.


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It drives me crazy as well.Apart from anything else I thought it was illegal.
Happens all the time...there have been a few nasty accidents as speed cyclists just appear from nowhere and mow folks down....there needs to be clear legislation where cyclists are clear that pavements are for people....
Cyclists on pavements should be taken out and shot at dawn
Question Author
There is clear legislation, but it is rarely enforced. They don't have to prosecute them, in my day if a copper saw you on the pavement they'd warn you to get off. if your lights wern't working they'd make you walk. I suppose the police have more to do now but it is annoying.
The ones that cycle along the pavement until they get to a crossroads then use the pedestrian crossing, stopping the traffic in four directions when if they had been on the road they could have just sailed straight through, it was their right of way after all!

It feels better to get that out!
I ride on the pavement and have no intention of stopping.
Sorry, but I would rather "annoy" a few pedestrians like yourself, than risk getting knocked down and potentially killed by some of the erratic drivers that are out there on the roads!

However, I would never go up behind someone and ring my bell to try and get them to get out of the way.
I'm well aware that I "shouldn't" be on the pavement, and if someone was walking in front of me and was 'in my way' then I would just drop down onto the road briefly and go around them. It's not difficult.

It's illegal, ring your blooming bell at me at your peril!
Just got back from Portugal and noticed that cyclists and pedestrians mixed very well on pavements in villages and towns. Mind you there were lots of cyclists and they all seems to behave well.
It is so annoying on one local road that I use most days where there are wide cycle lanes on both sides, and yet still the beggars use the pavement, even when they are riding in the same direction as the traffic on that side of the road so that they do not have to spend a few seconds crossing the road to get to the appropriate cycle lane. Is there a website where one can post photos of these people to try and shame them?
I agree with MadMen.
How can you 'shame' people who wear Lycra!?
"Is there a website where one can post photos of these people to try and shame them?"

Lol. You cannot be serious, right? If someone started taking a photograph of me because I was riding on the pavement, I would snatch that camera straight out of their hands and smash it into pieces on the floor!

(Joke. I would just think they were a bit of a saddo)
Just curious, what do you think about children riding on pavements?

I hope so bibble, I have been clipped twice this week by pavement cyclists while walking to work. Bristol has more than enough provision for cyclists it makes me absolutely fuming.
Madmen, I would not have a problem with your attitude, it's the idiots who demand right of way when none exsists that annoy me!
It doesn't bother me that much. I rather children ride (sensibly) on pavements and there are some roads where I'd prefer all cyclists to use the pavement. But they tend to be country paths that run along fast roads where you don't get that many pedestrians.
I guess I'm just lucky then, that I've never come across a cyclist that has "demanded I get out of the way".

MadMen - the pic would be automatically uploaded to the internet immediately so smashing the phone would make no difference, besides which it's not illegal to take such photos. So the photo would be available for use in court when suing you for damages.
Well you'd have to be pretty damn quick to do that, wouldn't you!

"when suing you for damages"

Please explain?

Question Author
ok madmen/ummmm, so why don't you do some training to learn how to ride on the road with the grown ups?

Children: the general rule is that if they are old enough to be cycling from a to b rather than just cycling up and down for fun then they should do cycling proficiency training and ride on the road. I cycled on the road from the age of about 6. It was easier for one thing no kerbs to go up and down etc. This is a very subjective area so no doubt you will come up with 101 exceptions.

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Cycling On The Pavement, What's Your Excuse?

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