Honda Civic 05 Vs Ford Fiesta 57. Which Car Is Better?

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adampember | 13:35 Wed 06th Mar 2013 | Motoring
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Which car is all round better and which would be worth more in 5 years time.

Honda civic executive 1.6 2005 model, mileage is 29k. In good condition inside and out.

Ford fiesta style 1.25 57 plate, mileage is 35k. In good condition in and out.


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Honda Civic.
What colour?
Civic every time!
oh gawd.
Question Author
Both are grey
Honda Civic
Honda Civic without a doubt and it has a much better gearstick for hanging the handbag on. ;-
Mmmmmmm !.
It has to be the Honda Adam, just look at the Honda / Fiesta reviews & compare.
Honda everytime.
Drive them both and decide afterwards. If you prefer or feel happier in one then that's the one to go for.
Before you decide check fuel economy, I have a Honda and had a civic R and they are thirsty little devils.
Worth more in five years time? The Fiesta.

The market for small engined economical cars is strong.
Civic R eastern, performance car. Thirst is in there nature.
I would go with Honda. Are they petrol or diesel models, how many owners. If one owner, tend to be better looked after, may have been driven better. Honda servicing could well be dearer if has to go to dealership for service/parts. We have just parted with Honda CRV and bought a new model. Also had Honda Jazz in past - no problems with either. Honda for us.
If you are seriously considering resale values in five years time, the Honda wil be worth diddly squat at 13 years old.

The Fiesta will be worth a little more at about 10 years old.
A family member had a Civic 2.0 ltr, she always complained that it was heavy on fuel, barely returning 30mpg, I got exactly the same with my type R. As an R is classified as a hot hatch you will find that if driven sensibly, light right foot, they are actually about the same on mpg. One of the most economical petrol cars I ever had was an old Golf GTi but only if you drove it carefully and didn't thrash it. I agree though that the Honda is probably the better buy, they are certainly huge compared to a Fiesta, and fords do have a tendency to need bits replacing wish bones, discs, drive shafts etc
I've got a 15 year Fiesta, and it has hardly needed anything done to it. When parts are needed they are relatively cheap though Eastern.

I'm not sure about Honda parts.
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Honda Civic 05 Vs Ford Fiesta 57. Which Car Is Better?

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