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New Car

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AB Editor | 10:18 Mon 28th Jan 2013 | Motoring
11 Answers

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  • No - 221 votes
  • 83%
  • Yes - 45 votes
  • 17%

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yep, but my lottery numbers have will dictate what i buy..
And if we are will we be suddenly be getting e-mails ?
I can't see the point when the car I have is in mint condition, runs well, & reliable.
Question Author
"And if we are will we be suddenly be getting e-mails?"

I'm not a used car salesman!

(Also we're not as clever as that)

(But you might get a newsletter soon, if that counts)
Is there a ' marketing ' excercise behind some of these polls - Has AB some ' arrangement ' with some companies ?
JTP - I didn't see your post there before I posted
My Vectra is now 7 years old. 238,000 on the clock. Cruise control broken. Aircon broken. Demister fan broken. Diesel particulate filter clogged. Catalytic converter spent. Leaks like a seive. Sidelight bulb blown (need to take bumper off to replace it)
Why should I?
May be compelled to change.
Love my car but it is getting a little bit ancient.

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New Car

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