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Britain's Roads

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AB Editor | 10:21 Fri 16th Nov 2012 | Motoring
34 Answers

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  • Potholes and poor road surfaces - 208 votes
  • 57%
  • Too many cars on the roads - 78 votes
  • 21%
  • Too many traffic calming measures - 39 votes
  • 11%
  • Speed limits are too low - 17 votes
  • 5%
  • Speed limits are too high - 17 votes
  • 5%
  • Not enough traffic calming measures - 6 votes
  • 2%

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Ed, you forgot to add cyclists.
And people who tow caravans!
Oh yeah, well done Baldric, I had forgotten about them.
And old people who drive with their mouth hanging open and eyes squinting.
Yeah and those, gness. why do they always seem to drive Honda's lol.
Based on a trip up the M6 last night I'd also add "cars with only one functional headlight" - it's been nearly a month since the hour changed & we all started doing a lot more driving in the dark - surely the idiots must have noticed by now.
Yes agree with that dave, seen quite a few myself.
big German cars. Doesn't really matter who's driving them, they're all the same. Bmercaudiws.
Oh yeah, and horse riders on the roads.
Audi drivers, and people who wear hats when driving (uniformed chauffeurs excepted), should be on the list.
And what's wrong with Audi drivers?

Leaves lots of room for reply!
Tony, only last week I rounded a bend on a back road and encountered one horse and rider stationary on my side of the road and one rider on an out of control horse doing circles in the middle of the road.

I know I drive fairly fast but then...BEING A WOMAN DRIVING A HONDA.....I was able to stop quickly and safely. ;-) x
Go into YouTube "Driving in Scotland, Loch Lomond, A82 Road timelapse". The 'temporary' set of traffic lights you come across was set up after a landslip - over 40 years ago.
Well done gness, yes those horses on the roads can be dangerous.
Well fancy that, you drive an Honda lol. ;-)
Like you didn't know. :-) x
This needed to be multiple selection. Loads of things equally irritating.
Just to clarify why I voted 'Speed limits too high'.

I live in a Rural area with lots of country lanes which are only restricted to the speed that applies to all other roads which are Not Motorways. (i.e. 60mph )

In my opinion, all country lanes which are single lanes with passing places, should have a restriction placed upon them. Although I guess, it would be impossible to enforce it.!!


Just returned from a month(ish) in France - saw more cars driving back home from the tunnel than the entire time in France. Driving is a real pleasure over there. So I went for too many cars.

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Britain's Roads

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