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Britain's Roads

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AB Editor | 10:21 Fri 16th Nov 2012 | Motoring
34 Answers

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  • Potholes and poor road surfaces - 208 votes
  • 57%
  • Too many cars on the roads - 78 votes
  • 21%
  • Too many traffic calming measures - 39 votes
  • 11%
  • Speed limits are too low - 17 votes
  • 5%
  • Speed limits are too high - 17 votes
  • 5%
  • Not enough traffic calming measures - 6 votes
  • 2%

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Baldric, what's wrong with Audi drivers?
Well, there's... [cont. p94]
I have a case going o at the moment against Network Rail & the state of a level crossing in or town, if you can prove the Pot hole has caused damage to your car, sue the County Council, ( NO I'm not a person that Sue's all the time, but I pay a lot of money in road tax / fuel tax, so why should I travel on roads that are pot hole ridden. there is a way to go about this & there is a site that will give you helpful information.
Your polls are oh, so negative Ed!

But what do I dislike most about our roads? They are mostly too narrow.
Okay!!! I'm with Tony.....Cyclists!!!!!
Driving through a tiny Northamptonshire village today I stopped for a long line of traffic coming towards me. Long line? In this village? Til I saw the idiot cyclist wobbling at the front of the line. Middle of the road...all the right gear and helmet......texting on his mobile!
You all know my middle names are patient and calm but I think, had I been behind him, a little nudge up the rear wheel might have happened. Or the loudest blast on my horn.
teenagers walking across the road in the dark going from the co-op to the offie and not caring that it is a 30 speed limit as they all walk across together in a crocodile line just to annoy drivers. it's been like that for years around here and driving into town after dark on the main road is just thesame, there's always some kid trying to run across in front of you
Hi Ed, ref your current poll about motoring. Surely the biggest problem on the roads is simply all the other idiots who are using them? Nothing to do with speed cameras or potholes.
Can't vote as there isn't a 'Nowhere near enough cycle lanes' option.
Potholes and bad roads for excuse for them at all...they should fix them and damn quick, as they do unbelievable damage to our cars and we have to fight the councils to get compensation, if you indeed bother to contact them, if your car is damaged.

There are also a lot of cars on the road, which we can do very little about, but when the hover board from "Back to the Future 2" is invented, I will be first in the queue to get one. :0)
british drivers
Foreign drivers.
Too many traffic calming obstructions, known as bits of concrete/tarmac to stop pedestrians having to walk so far across the road, and as for the cyclists, playing "now you see me, now you don't in my mirrors" don't even get me started!
Ooh, I forgot, pedestrians and cyclist wearing plugs playing music in their ears! Wandering across the roads and zebra crossings, oblivious to an outside world
The rules are:- wait at kerb for break in traffic, try to catch the slowing car driver's attention to be sure it's safe to step onto the crossing! GOTTIT ? !
I was a cyclist and hated motorists. However I now dislike many cyclists; both pedal powered persons and motorised maniacs.

Bikers who pedal progress on the nearside of a car should be prosecuted, along with engined enthuiasts who tactfully traverse down the middle of two lines of traffic.


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Britain's Roads

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