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car door catch problem

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joko | 00:52 Fri 26th Oct 2012 | Motoring
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one of my car doors stopped responding to the key fob central locking about 4 months ago - but it also wont open from the inside ... i pull the lever and it seems like it gets tighter and meets resistance. it happened gradually.

then a few weeks ago the same thing happened to another door... however today it just popped open again and is ok - for the moment.

has anyone any ideas how i can sort this out myself?
why is this happening

I squirted wd40 down the lock button, it didnt work... but is there somewhere else i could spray?

all the other doors open fine.

its a vw passat auto est, 2002.



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thanks methyl, but i cant open the door at all...thats the problem.

i guess ill have to see a mech
Known issue with the VAG central locking. There is a photo set of how to drill it open on one of the forums somewhere.
You would have had more luck trying when it first broke. I managed to get mine to open one last time by cycling open closed again and again and again . ... while bashing the door handle with my fist. Then taking it for a drive, then doing the open close bash some more
Once I got it open I disconnected the cable and the outside handle so it would not lock again until the dealer had the new lock. £120 I think.
There is a screw hidden under a gromet on the side of the door you will want to know about when you are try to hook the bloomin cable back up.

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car door catch problem

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