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Car Maintainence Before Long Trips

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AB Editor | 09:06 Thu 19th Jul 2012 | Motoring
30 Answers

Car Maintenance Before Long Trips

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  • Yes, I do lots of check to minimise the risk of breaking down. - 168 votes
  • 76%
  • No, I don't. - 54 votes
  • 24%

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You should learn the basics Vod! tyre pressures etc, you will soon learn the cost with running on a flat tyre.
i can do all the usual checks but have never been able to check tyre pressures. always have to get that done for me. everything else i go over.
My car gets the fluid levels checked regularly anyway. I even check the tyre pressures on occassion, although less so since filling stations stopped offering it as a free incentive. Apart from that, today's cars seem to not break down so regularly, or maybe it's that I buyer newer in my old age. It has plenty of warning lamps anyway. So no, no specific checks before starting off.
I do know how to check the water, oil, tyres, wipers. I just don't have to :-)
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I do the weekly checks, oil, water, tyres anyway but as my annual mileage is in the region of 50 thousand, when I go on a foreign motoring holiday my mileage doesn't exceed the norm by much. So unless a service will fall due when I'm away, it won't be done before I go.

Car was serviced and tested at the end of April, I'll be driving onto the ferry a week tonight.
I don't which I have found in hindsight to be BAD since I came back from holiday yesterday after a 2 1/2 hour journey in my car which seemed to be getting very hot and tapping alot (which it has been doing for a while) only to find today, the oil is on the minimum! Ooops! only myself to blame.
I check the oil, water and tyres.
I also have a general look under the bonnet to check everythink looks in order.

Sally Anne
No, its why I have a husband! Women should concentrate on kittens and embroidery.

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Car Maintainence Before Long Trips

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