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Car Maintainence Before Long Trips

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AB Editor | 09:06 Thu 19th Jul 2012 | Motoring
30 Answers

Car Maintenance Before Long Trips

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  • Yes, I do lots of check to minimise the risk of breaking down. - 168 votes
  • 76%
  • No, I don't. - 54 votes
  • 24%

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Yep, you should at least check oil, coolant level and windscreen washer container imo.
No. Not that I often drive very far.
No....I do mean to though.

Last journey I did the radiator was blowing hot air even though it was turned off and on cool. Pulled in to the services, the lads jumped out to get KFC and I stood there thinking 'Feck, I don't even know how to open the bonnet'

Some kind man sorted it out for me.
Although I've put that I do lots of checks I actually only check oil, coolant, washer bottle and tyre pressures. I wouldn't call that lots of checks but I don't do nothing.
Graham-W, that is fine.
I always check oil and tyre pressure. (That is, I always remind Mr Frog to check them.)
Yes oil, coolant,water, tyre pressure, make sure we have a basic tool kit on board along with our insurance details. Also take spare nuts n bolts, zip ties , gaffa tape, crimps etc. Even if we dont need them we have them in case someone else breas down in the middle of no where. We have had it happen a fair few times normally blown tyres, loose electrics, blown bulbs etc.
I'll normally check the tyres, oil, water, washer levels before a long drive.

Although I tend to do most the servicing on my own cars so I have a pretty good idea of what sort of condition everything is in at any given time without having to look.
I just check breakdown cover is ok.

horrible dirty thing cars are under the bonnet.
Come on mic there is nothing better then getting under an engine in an engine and around an engine!!Unless its spraying break fluid in your eye!!!
Not been morbid! I have seen over my Driving years, a lot of cars been HIT on the hard Shoulder of a motorway for this simple reason. (Not checking their cars.)
precisley TWR my husbands in the police and if he dosnt do it I do. Worst one was seeing a parent make there child get out to shut the boot!!
Firewatch, the things I have seen would make you sick, drivers changing a wheel in the outside lane, This particular religion praying on the hard shoulder ( No jokes please) One lady driver & her 2 children a few years ago, NR Birch Services M62, the bonnet of a car flew open because her stupid husband forgot to slam the bonnet closed ( I wonder if she's on this site?) A patrol car nr Whitefield Manchester M62 ( Death Valley) stopped a car for speeding, a HGV wiped them out, there was a slip road about a mile ahead, Suite cases flying off the tops of cars the list goes on, It only takes at the most 1/2 an hour to check, but do people do?
You forgot insecure ladders! had that one happen! Only on monday we where coming home steadily as Dora wasnt well (our 4x4) and a van in front had part of his radiator fan hanging off and it flew off down the motorway!
This one, a caravan with 4 children looking out of the back window of the van whilst it was on-tow M6 North bound, police put a stop to that. Cones stuck under cars, car / caravan upside down due to the clown driving the thing going to fast.
It makes me cringe when I see a broken down car on the hard shoulder, with the occupants standing just to the front of it.

If it gets hit, where do they think it is going to go?
The rule as you may know Hop, Get out of the car & stand way away fro the car to the left Eg field etc. If ever anyone gets a puncture on the motorway get the car well to the left of the Hard shoulder white line to change, passengers out of the car & some one checking the traffic flow from behind.
Just a follow up to your answer Hop, without coming over as a smart@rse, how many know the proceeder when broken down /Flat tyre change on the hard Shoulder?
Yep......Lubricant checks and topping up if required, tyres pumped and ready to go, and windsceeen washers filled up to max. Spare oil, automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant, plus water bottle/s kept in the boot on all journeys,..... oh and and a jump starter, red cones, and a tyre pressure gauge and pump.

I'm a thorough bear, you know :0)
I voted "No" because I don't.....but I take it to my garage who do it for me! I am useless and I proudly admit it! lol

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Car Maintainence Before Long Trips

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