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Nissan Micra Problems

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aps1 | 11:14 Fri 06th Jul 2012 | Motoring
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My Wife's is having some problems with her Micra, and I am looking for some advice please.

Sometimes the car will simply not start. When she turns the key nothing happens, but othertimes the car starts fine. I am sure it is an electrical fault as on the times when it does not start, she can wiggle the key about and eventually it will start. Bizarrely, this problem only seems to happen in hot weather. There is also a fault with the boot locking mechanism as it continually tries to engage. We have to disconnect the battery every day otherwise overnight the battery (it's a new battery) will drain.

Obviously we need to get these problems seen to. Would this type of problem be something a local garage would be able to repair? We don't have a local Nissan garage that I can take it to.


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I'd say yes, try a local garage. I had a Micra for 15 years and once it was out of warranty, the nearest dealer was sooo expensive - I've avoided main dealers ever since and just gone to a local. It's not as if Nissan parts are hard to find, if they need to buy anything in.
I think a local auto electrician would sort out your problem pretty easily.

If it's possible for you to do, if the battery is the "top up type" ( Caps on the top) check that the water level is above the plates, check the - + connections are tight, check the earth to the battery is tight & clean to the body, check the connections at the starter, "BEWARE" make sure the car is in nutral before checking the starter connection, if you touch the 2 connectors at the starter solenoid, if the car is in gear it will shoot forward / reverse.
I suspect a faulty ignition switch - if the battery connection was loose you would notice the clock, radio and interior light not working as well.

The boot locking mechanism is probably an unrelated fault.
If it's not an ignition switch I'd go for a poor earth connection somewhere, they can cause all sorts of electrical oddities.

In either case you'd probably be best taking it to an auto-electrician over a local garage or the main dealer
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Nissan Micra Problems

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