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Car Maintenance Basics

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AB Editor | 08:39 Thu 29th Mar 2012 | Motoring
29 Answers

Car Maintainence Basics

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  • Not a lot, I get/pay someone else to do basic maintenance tasks - 77 votes
  • 46%
  • I do the basics such as changing the oil and wiper blades - 58 votes
  • 35%
  • I'd like to do the basics myself so I can save money on car maintenance but don't really know how - 32 votes
  • 19%

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None apply. I get an annual service and then OH or son do the basics. And I really don't want to do the basics myself or have any intention of learning.
where is the D choice.
I am very capable of doing my own servicing to a point where I need a diagnostic machine & a spray gun becomes a bit of a problem.
THAT is the box I would have ticked ED!!!!!
otherwise its B - I voted
I've noticed a lot come on here AFTER THE EVENT! what I mean by that, instead of going to a dealer / of rip off merchants liked K.F. why don't people ask for some advice first? I do all my own maintenance & always have done, a lot will not tackle simple jobs because either they do not have the tools / time / place to conduct the repairs, this site has a lot of good informative people, so why go to a large garage to get something done that a small family run garage can do for you with 1/2 the cost. a lot of people THINK that they have to carry on getting a new car serviced to upkeep the Warranty, Untrue, provided the genuine parts are fitted by a VAT Reg garage the Warranty stands.
I put petrol in it. Does that count?
I used to clean my own spark plugs and everything, but that was back in the days when cars had starting handles. The job's far too complicated these days, and I no longer have the physical strength even to change a tyre; so I get the servants to do it all.
Question Author
gsr600 - it's only about the basics!
that's very interesting....I voted on this poll earlier and instead of the horizontal yellow bars, there were thick vertical pink ones...was it a test?...also that vote didnt stay voted and I could vote again.
car maintenance

I think you've spelled it wrong as well.....
Question Author
That's the "full stats": http://www.theanswerb...oll/car-maintainence/

Is it spelt wrong? Where?
I would have ticked the same "D" option as GSR :)

As it is I went for the second option, but I'll tackle pretty much any job (although the enthusiasm for climbing under a car on cold days isn't as great as it once was)
Yes Ed, it is spelt wrongly. In the heading/Title. :-))
But should I have been able to vote twice? I voted the first time at about 06.00 this morning and then again just now.
Question Author
Sorry, I am blind to these things sometimes!
Question Author
woofgang, no, not really! Maybe you're more equal than the rest of us?
did you vote the same way both times, woofgang? I think my skills have deteriorated since my first answer.
At the moment I'd just like to fill the tank up!
well of course I should get two votes but folk on here don't usually understand my importance. Yes I voted the same both times...I can do stuff myself (probably not an oil change but certainly checks and top ups) but I deffo prefer not to.
Agree with grs600, there are some on here who do everything themselfes including major repairs .
Is there something under the bonnet?!

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