What is the bigger cause of accidents and death on the roads?

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d9f1c7 | 10:38 Tue 28th Feb 2012 | Motoring
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Speed or bad driving?


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You can't possibly nail it down to one or the other. Example: I was behind a guy today who was driving his Hyundai Accent on both sides of the road, clearly in a world of his own. Came to a T-Junction, never even slowed. Straight out forcing an innocent motorist to take evasive action. The driver of this Accent (that was nearly a Hyundai Accident) never went more...
23:51 Tue 28th Feb 2012
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Excessive speed is a symptom of bad driving
Do you mean excessive speed?
Bad driving.
Bad Driving can be so many things.

Speeding is bad but so is inattention, thats why mobiles are banned.

It seems to me as a daily driver that more and more people seem unaware of the rules of the road i.e giving way to the right on roundabouts.
This is an "It's everybody else's fault" question isn't it?

I'm presuming that you acknowlege you speed (so do I) but that you don't accept you're a bad driver.

So you're playing the victim of an unfair legal system implying "the law's an ass"

Well maybe but think about this - We have just about the best road safety record in the world.

Other Western country's drive the same cars as us but we have fewer deaths and serious injuries.

I find it hard to believe that strict law enforcement of driving offences is not a major contributing factor to that
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Not at all jake, I accept my role in this, I'm merely pointing out that the ire of the motoring evangelists seems focused on one or two things to the exclusion of all else when there are far more dangerous things. eg the other day I was on the M3 and there was someone in the left hand lane doing approx 40, forcing all manner of trucks and coaches etc to overtake. In my opinion that is more likely to cause an accident that someone doing 95 in the overtaking lane, but it would be the latter that can get prosecuted
Like Jake says...speeding is bad driving.

The thing I notice more than anything is lane control.
Didn't realise you posted the "89 in a 50" question.

Must agree with Jake I speed, I think only the sainted few don't (whilst being shouted at by the rest of us). When I was caught I said to the copper he had me bang to rights, no I wouldn't be going to court and I knew I was guilty, no mitigating circumstances.

He said my attitude was refreshing, said most get out a shout at him.

If your going to do it and get caught you can't complain. Can you?
combination of both...bad driving causes the accident, speed determines how bad..
Poor concentration is another, although that could be classed as bad driving.
You do understand that the bloke in the left hand lane has broken no law? Thats why the other lanes are there. Theres no minimum speed on (most) motorways.

Better slow but steady than fast and reckless.
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I'm not complaining, I'm just trying to get the saints to acknowledge that there are worse things. I am guilty of the occasional transgression, yes, there who demonstrate relgious furvour in their tarring and feathering but seem to forget all other aspects!
I only speed by accident 0:-)

^^^ that's my halo
<<In my opinion that is more likely to cause an accident that someone doing 95 in the overtaking lane, but it would be the latter that can get prosecuted >>

But they have amply shown their bad driving skills because of their impatience and lack of attention to road conditions
The faster you go the more likely it is that you die, or kill other people. Fact.
Bad driving will always have more of an impact than speed.

It is possible to drive at speed with appropriate skills - police pursuit drivers are trained to drive safely at speed.

Bad driving is just that - ba driving, which can occur at any speed.
speeding within reason isn't necesarrily dangerous but driving badly at any speed is!

if your driving at 40mph on a motorway the police ahve to decide if your driving dangerously, if your driving at 95mph on a motorway then they know your driving dangerously!
Speed, especially excessive speed or "speeding", contributes exponentially to reduced control and the frequency and severity of the consequences of 'accidents'. Speed greatly reduces ones ability to avoid and compensate for others bad driving as well, an ability essential to anyone's good driving skills.

That said, I too appreciate the challenge of remaining in control of ones anger at seeing someone mindlessly clogging up a passing lane in broad daylight when the roads are clear. That also classifies as careless, inconsiderate and irresponsible driving. But while traffic is in motion is not the time to make matters worse.
DanChip - Driving at 40 MPH on a motorway is not illegal, the police have nothing to decide. Its may be annoying but its not illegal.

Thats why there are 3 lanes
Dave, where in my post did i say it was illegal?

If the police see a car driving at low speed on a motorway then they have to decide if tthe vehicle is causing a hazard by driving so slow which would be classed as careless driving!
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