Should I ignore this parking ticket

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EvianBaby | 12:17 Mon 20th Feb 2012 | Motoring
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Got a letter today from UK Parking Control for an unpaid parking charge in a local shopping park (for one of the work vehicles).

When we get ones from the councils directly I normally just pay them (or challenge if I can) but I am right in thinking that ones from a private firm are essentially just invoices and they have no come back if I decide to just ignore it?


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general consensus seems to be 'ignore' but there will be follow up letters (debt recovery, ccjs's etc) which are also deemed to be bogus.

i am not sure of their legality in issuing, or yours for ignoring, but maybe some better help/reasurancemight be found here:

read the letter carefully but these letters from private parking control firms tend to be 'invitations to pay' i.e. pay if you are a mug.
The first answer is correct, they will most likely send quite threatening letters following the first one up but if read carefully, these letters will contain hollow threats.
I would ignore it but then I like a battle ! ...
If there are notices displayed setting out the parking restrictions (for example a 2 hour maximum stay) and you have broken a restriction, then they can lelgally issue the ticket and pursue it all the way to court.
What you need to do is the following:
1.Write to them acknowledging receipt of their letter
2. State in your letter that you do not know who was driving the vehicle at that time
3. Ask THEM to provide evidence of who the driver was and state that unless they can provide any such evidence then you do not expect to hear from them again. Stress that if they cannot provide the evidence and they contact you again, you will construe this as harrassment and will take action against them
Crikey, Mrs O, want to be my lawyer?

I am up for murder, fraud, and 40 other offences.I am sure you could shape me a defence strategy!
DT, I'd advise that you plead guilty to the offence involving the sheep and ask for all other offences to be taken into consideration.
That will be £75 please
This has been discussed at length here on AB , these are not 'fines' or 'penalties' they are an invoice for parking nothing more. The issuer would need a county court judgement to enforce the payment and even then it is likedly the court would only award a nominal amount. There was a case recently, Oldham I think it was, the parking company took the case to the county court and was awarded £1 and had to pay all the costs, it had already cost them £1500 to take the case to court then there were court fees on top , there have been no more cases since.
Tell them 'Sue us and be dammed'
Don't even respond. You may receive letters telling you that bailiffs will be appointed, the matter may go to court (usually they put capital letters at the head of relevant words like bailiff, court, fine etc for dramatic effect) but always preface any action with 'may' or 'possibly'.

Simply ignore.
had one on Aldi car park, I was advised to ignore it, I received two letters, didn't reply, heard nothiing more!....that was two years ago! to not respond at all!......
DO NOT ignore it this is what you should do with it
Sorry link did not work try again
I stick by my advice.
I once went on a course and two of us received paid parking charge notices. I followed my own advice and heard nothing more.
The other guy did nothing. His "fine" escalated and he ended up in the small claims court and had to pay £300
If a private Co.I would just ignore!...they won't persue it!.........too expensive!.......
mrs_overall this can not be enforced in the small claims court only the County Court. The small claims court has no jurisdiction in the matter, enforcement needs a full county court judgement why did he pay?
I may have got the court wrong.
It was clearly stated on the board in the car park what the rules were and stated clearly the resultant charges.
At the end of the day, it was private land and to park there we should have obeyed their regulations
When you choose to park on a car park you automatically enter into a contract with the owner of that car park (or his agent) to pay any such charges as may be clearly displayed. If you fail to honour that contract you can pursued for the debt, through the courts if necessary:
Buenchico, that is exactly what I was trying to say. You have worded it perfectly!
>>>"The small claims court has no jurisdiction in the matter, enforcement needs a full county court judgement"<<<

There's no such thing as a 'small claims court', Eddie. There's only a 'small claims procedure', which is handled by a County Court anyway!
just do not respond Evian!.......should be fine!...they only persue the folk who volunteer to pay!|..........too costly to persue the others, and there are many|".........
Welsh, as it is still the panto season, shall we play? I'll go first.

"Oh yes he/she should pay the parking charge"
no she will,not pay!.........she will ignore it!.......

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Should I ignore this parking ticket

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