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car wiper not quirting water

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rozia | 17:41 Wed 01st Feb 2012 | Motoring
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filled it up, pocked holes with needle, still not working, what can i do?


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check the water bottle
check the fuse to the pump
Is the motor working?.
Could it be frozen in the pipes?.

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water bottle full, where the fuse? thanks
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the car is running fine, brilliantly, wiper going swish swosh, but not squirting.
What make and model of car?
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just seen the title 'Quirting' i meant to type Squirting, lol
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vauxhall astra 1.6i design 2008
I'm sure the Astra has two fuse boxes but check the handbook for location and fuse number. On my Citroen the pump is fused separately with a 10amp fuse. It blows in really cold weather when the fluid is frozen.
You have to check which of the washer components has failed
1.Washer pump spinning?(making a whirring noise) if not check fuse and switch
2. Washer pump spinning, check that it water is coming out of the connector Where the tube fits on, If no water check the strainer on the pump intake.
3.Disconnect the tube where it fits onto the washer nozzle, does water come out when the pump is spinning, if no then the tube is blocked (unlikely)
4. Blow back through the washer nozzle to remove any debris that is too big to go through the hole, reconnect tube and try washer again.
Rozia, more than likely frozen feed pipes, get someone to depress the washer control arm as you pour hot water on the windscreen washer jets, again with someone depressing the washer arm, look and see if the water is pouring out from under the car. If so, feed pipe has come off or there is a hole in the pipe but I think will be doubtful.
My front ones aren't working either - frozen nozzles.

Strangely the back window one is working.
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Its the fuse, going to get it replaced tomorrow.. thanks guys :)
common problem with Astras, i used to carry a pack of fuses with me in the winter. As soon as the bottle/pump freezes when you hit the washer button it pops the fuse immediately , most other vehicles seem to give a bit more leeway before the fuse blows. (its a red mini blade fuse under the bonnet in the main fuse box by the battery) I suggest you get some spare ones , it will blow again if this freezing weather carrys on.

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car wiper not quirting water

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