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Keeping The Costs Of Motoring Down 2011

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AB Editor | 11:17 Mon 24th Oct 2011 | Motoring
4 Answers

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  • I haven’t changed anything - 31 votes
  • 32%
  • I have reduced the number of miles I travel each month - 21 votes
  • 21%
  • I have changed my driving technique to reduce fuel consumption, including reducing speed - 16 votes
  • 16%
  • I have changed to a more economical vehicle - 11 votes
  • 11%
  • I now shop around for the cheapest petrol - 9 votes
  • 9%
  • I have changed my insurer to a cheaper one - 5 votes
  • 5%
  • I am avoiding having an MOT test - 4 votes
  • 4%
  • I am not having my car serviced as often as I should - 1 vote
  • 1%

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Wonder if anyone will admit to saving money by not having an MOT.
-- answer removed --
This poll needs multiple choices, could have picked three.

Oh, and one of them is not E.............
I'm not having it serviced at a place that puts a stamp in the book. I intend driving it until the wheels drop off anyway, so a service history means bugger all. In any case a garage without a stamp in my book gives better service as they rely on personal references to get more business.

Always had fantastic service from the family running the garage that used to be the blacksmiths

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Keeping The Costs Of Motoring Down 2011

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