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New Log Book

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derekpara | 11:39 Sun 23rd Oct 2011 | Motoring
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I've just received a new log book from the DVLA, a red one, with instructions to destroy the old green book. The reason given was that there had been a theft of hundreds of green log book forms from the DVLA.

Anyone else had this happen ?

I'm saving the original log book for a while just in case it's a hoax/scam.




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Log book!! have I just entered a time warp?
Well I never, my mistake, I didn't know we had gone back to log books!! we live and learn :-)
we haven't.. it's just folded up nicely!
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Thanks, Chuck. Crisp as usual !

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Yep I also received a new red registration document last week. Like you have kept the green one. Dont think it is a hoax.
I got a new one for one of our vans today. The bumf says all other vehicles will be issued with new ones by Nov 2012.

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New Log Book

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