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AB Editor | 12:34 Thu 21st Jul 2011 | Motoring
7 Answers

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Who would you call first if your car broke down?

  • My breakdown cover provider - 155 votes
  • 74%
  • Family member/Friend - 45 votes
  • 21%
  • The Police - 8 votes
  • 4%
  • I wouldn't know who to call - 2 votes
  • 1%

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None of the above, as I don't drive!
it depends on what i think might be wrong really.

if its a puncture or sumink then i'd do it meself, if its summink more serious and technical, then i'd have to quickly join aa/rac and get them to come and assist.

i could call a friend, but when it comes to anything that involves 'brain' they are bleeding useless.
depends on where it broke down. If outside house, id get other half to check.
if away from home I would call breakdown service
if in 3rd lane of a motorway - 999 would be my first call!!!
I voted A but it would depend on why it has broken down. If you stupidly run out of fuel, like I once did then a call to Dad to come with a canister of petrol would be my first point of contact.

Although when I broke down on a dual carriageway in Sussex last year I straight away called the breakdown service. However when the police came across me stranded in the inside lane, they did mention it would have been a good idea to have called them too as I was a bit of an accidant waiting to happen.
If on a Motorway, use the SOS Box & contact the Police, they in turn will contact your Breakdown service, just a point on the Motorway if you break down in between Junctions you will pay for the private recovery a large amount of money due to the mileage they have to travel to get to you. that goes for lack of fuel as well. there is a lot of advise on breakdowns in Winter, carry 5 litres of fuel, a Blanket, Torch, Flask, Sarnies, Blanket, ( Stupid answer?) I have seen people frozen in my years of HGV driving. have contact Nos with you & contact then & also your Mobile charger,
that's a tricky one, depends what it is, I'd probably call my mate first and see what he thinks before calling the AA, depends on the time too.
The trouble & strife put her car on its roof. Following motorist helped her out, she couldn't find her phone to get the AA. Someone called emergency services, she was carted off in an ambulance with internal injuries and the coppers recovered the car. The old bill charged over 100 portraits for recovery. Her insurance paid for it. But they didn't pay the bill from the fire brigade for rinsing the oil from the road.

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