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Wil my insurers bring my car back from the garage?

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Captin Kirk | 00:34 Thu 02nd Jun 2011 | Motoring
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The cambelt gave way on the way to work the other day (sorry to all those delayed northbound on the M5 in brum Tuesday!). The car was transported to my regular garage by my insurers breakdown firm for damage assesment/repair but as expected, due to the age it will not be financially viable to repair due to the probable damage to the valves etc.

My question is will my insurers cover the costs to have the my vehicle transported back to my home address?

I cannot leave it at the garage for too long and need to make a decision whether to scrap it which I suppose can be arranged to be collected from anywhere or sell from my house as a spares or repair (it's a sporty job so may be of interest to someone).


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Thanks for the quick reply. I was wondering as my wife's insurer once arranged for her car to be taken home after a breakdown and then they came back the next day to transfer it to a garage.
If they write your vehicle off it will then belong to the ins company so you can forget about it.

The ins are not likely to take it to your house.
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Who would write it off? The garage or the insurer? It hasn't been involved in an accident, just broken down. Wouldn't it be my decision based on the repair being financially viable?

Sorry if I'm getting the wrong end of the stick, need to go to bed!
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I'm surprised they are taking responsibility for this. Cambelts are considered consumables prime territory for insurers to not pay.
my thoughts entirely R1, unless its some form of warranty,but then if the cambelt gave up it would be due to neglect (unless a full service history) and they would refuse the claim
A normal insurance policy doesnt pay up on mechanical breakdown unless its part of an accident...
Unless the insurer includes some sort of breakdown cover i cant help thinking someones going to get a bill...
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Maybe I'm not making myself clear enough lol.

The car broke down.

I have breakdown cover as an additional extra on my car insurance policy.

I rang the emergency helpline and they arranged for the car to be recovered.

You normally are given a choice of where you wish to be taken to i.e. garage, destination or back home.

I chose garage as the recovery mechanic diagnosed broken cambelt.

The garage has quoted me a repair bill greater than the value of the car so I will probably not have the work done and will scrap the car.

I am not making a claim on my policy for the car, just wondering if they will authorise for it to be collected from the garage to take back to my home address for me to dispose of i.e. scrapping or selling as spares/repair.
i doubt it, but ring them and find out.

i'm selling a zafira if your interested......
Now you've clarified I'd say, no they won't

they have recovered the car to the place of your choice, which was all they were obliged to do under your breakdown cover, what happens after that isn't anything to do with them
ah I see, no as a general principle the breakdown firms will take it where you want once (per break down!), What's the car/model/year etc as a matter of interest?
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Citroen Xsara VTS 2.0 Coupe, R reg 1998 with 95k ish on clock.

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Wil my insurers bring my car back from the garage?

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