Have Just Got Our First Motorhome Would Love

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lilacben | 22:45 Sat 29th Aug 2015 | Other Vehicles
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to talk to other owners there must be some on this sight?


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I don't have one but how lovely, so pleased for you. How exciting!!

Another Rolling Roadblock!
I don't own one but I believe that B00 and Mr B00 are in the process of renovating an old VW motorhome.
My friend has just got one and wasn't pleased when another friend asked her about her camper van!
I don't have on lilacben but congratulations.

We had a mobile caravan for 28 years and absolutely loved our holidays and weekends away.

I think you will probably get a better insight by joining a specialist forum.

Lots here to choose from

Happy Days ahead.
Only in the last few years have I fancied a motorhome, but MrAsk is not so keen on camping out as he gets older. Plus he is shortly to have a knee replacement. I hope you have a wonderful time, a friend of ours had one and travelled all around Britain and Europe. I envy you.
That's gorgeous tony. It'll do me. Always fancied a leisurely trip around the UK in one.
But ladybirder they are sooooooo slow.
Was you an hippy chick by any chance ;-)
I did say leisurely tony.

No I wasn't but I understand why you might think that. I just like the look of them.
Leisurely, fairynuff ladybirder. The retro look for you then.
I had one once, a Dormobile. In those days there was just a sheet of metal between you and the outside world as crumple spaces hadn't been invented; so it could get quite cold or hot according to the season. For air conditioning you could drive with the driver's door slid open.
We had one for about 10 years. Had some wonderful times in it. Went abroad a couple of times a year. Had lots of holidays in UK. Had to get rid of it a while ago as We are getting on a bit and OH was having a few problems driving it. I still miss it terribly though.
Ah those old Bedford dormobiles, turn to rust right in front of your very eyes.
Question Author
Thankyou to you all I enjoyed reading the replies.. And Baldric why is it Another Rolling Roadblock?????????????? It is no different to a bus/coach or van? except not as long as the first two?.
It has only been the last couple of years we have been fancing one and when my MIL died in March and her house was sold...that we was able to think about it. My hubby's third share of the house enabled us to buy on. Not a new one of course but we are very happy with it and I am sure MIL would be only to pleased for us...have already used it this week and really enjoyed it. x
have fun!
As Tony has said, we've got a VW T25.

She's currently in th'shop having some much needed welding work done before she goes for her MOT, which we depressingly know she'll fail!

Still, she's not too bad for a 30 odd year old van.

Hope yours is in better nick than ours is!
30 years old, maybe that's our one.... no, ours was a Bedford.

Hope you have fun with it too.

Answered your own question there by the looks of it!

/// It is no different to a bus/coach or van///

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Have Just Got Our First Motorhome Would Love

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