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Hgv Speed Limits Increase

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Hopkirk | 18:43 Wed 08th Apr 2015 | Other Vehicles
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Have the HGV speed limits been raised as planned?

I have seen notices on notice boards at some distribution centres that say they were going up on 6th April (such as this one)

However I cannot find anything on government websites to confirm it has actually happened.

The on line Highway Code still shows the old limits.


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I had an e mail from the DVSA which links to this page
I've been driving at the new limits, but lots of people are still doing 40 on single c'way roads. However, there was an article in last weeks Commercial Motor saying that the new limit is in fact less fuel efficient ( you take a bit longer at 40, but save fuel), so perhaps some drivers have been told by their firms to stick to 40, which negates the reasons for doing it!

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Thanks, that's the first government controlled info source i have seen which confirms it.

I am not a speed freak, and don't rush around.

However it will be good to stop holding up queues of traffic on good quality straightish single carriageways.
Well, if the change has already implemented before the publicity campaign has reached the attention of the occupants of the compressable tin cans, otherwise known as cars, then that has to be a first. Not to mention a 'fail' for the PR department.

Yours, respectfully


Hop / Sdd / there was a mention that all HGVs will be coming down to 50mph that is applied in Europe, the Irish are excempt!!!!

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Hgv Speed Limits Increase

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