Renault Espace Headlight Beam Height

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tired1 | 15:50 Tue 09th Dec 2008 | Cars
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Wonder if anyone out there can help please. My Renault Espace H Reg on a '90 plate has just failed MOT on 'Offside headlight beam too high' - I've worked out how to adjust the setting - does anyone know what height/setting should be? Thanks ...Linda


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Hi, For the time taken at the MOT, they could have done that for you FOC they must have been tight sods Linda, Another way to do it, pull you car up to a garage wall make sure you are on level ground put on your lights & adjust as the NEAR/SIDE.
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Thanks TWR, Was not sure if there was something a little more technical and that's why garage did not do it!! Probably they are a little peeved that it's passed for last 5 years without any work needing doing!!! Have a great Christmas...all the best ..Linda
Hi again Linda, More than likely you have gone against what they might have thought (Leave them to do the work & then rip you off) If you have sorted the adjustment out & can do it your self all well & good some are Auto Adjusting, some are manual at times the Adjusting bolts/ screws get seized up and can cause problems, if you use WD40 on the threads 1st leave it for an hour or so to sink in start turning the thread a little to the right/ a little to the left keep working like that & you will not get the bolt/thread to snap as they sometimes do, there are at times a cable from inside the car to adjust but I do not think your car is one of them. Good Luck with the Adjustment, Have a Merry Exmas & do not drink to much LOL, Trebor x

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Renault Espace Headlight Beam Height

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