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U can car credit??

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likklelewry | 00:39 Tue 07th Oct 2008 | Cars
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I bought a rover streetwise from ucan car credit last november, and had a tiny bump a few months ago which has been sorted and the car is like new again, but my question is when it went in for repair lots of other niggly things came up which were not related to the bump, and from the ppl hat had the car said that the problems where there from the begining,
since then lots of other things have come up and now the car is getting very costly on top of me paying for it weekly, after speaking to ucan they said that because we cant prove that we have had nothing done to the car they are not interested.
also i had the brakes changed a couple of weeks ago and they said that the discs and brake pads where on that long that they had welded themselves to the car i have only done 6000 miles in the car and i know that they roughly need changing every 12000 and they said that it looks like they have been on for around 17000 so that was there when we got the car, also some wires had been cut in the steering colum again there when we got it, and we had to buy a module for the car and a new key fob, we did this and spent almost 400 quid and to keep things proper we took it to a rover specialist, now they couldnt code up the key fob and said that we would have to buy one oft them costing 50 qid they rang us up today and said that they cant code up that one also and now they are searching scrap yards to find a module and key fob from the same car now things are not looking good so thats kinda all the stuff going on (the module by the way once connected means i have a working horn which at the moment it isnt ) i know that if my horn is not working when i take it for a mot it will fail, so finally if my car can not be repaired i cannot take it for a mot and will i still have to pay the finance company or should ucan be held responsible.

sorry for the longwinded question but had to explain a little of what was going on many thanks in advance to anyone that


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It doesn't matter how you bought the car once it's in your position you have to maintain it unless you were given a warranty which has not expired.
Read possession not position !
personally i wouldnt touch these places with a barge pole including carcraft there friend worked there and he watched as people coming in with kidies and in his own words not a pot to **** in,drive out with cars,that were in his opinion not worth the money......his morals finally got the better of him and he jacked by the way he was a top machanic and a good only have to put in carcraft customer complaints into google to find out how unscrupulous there really are!
Hi There, I also bought a Rover 75 from their Chertsey site Aug 07 and after 2 weeks the turbo blew which after a few heated phone calls they repaired, 3 months later the Head Gasket went costing �800.00, for its 1st service there were a number of faults which cost over �500.00 even though I regulary checked oil / water / Lights, this car is costing me a fortune, so much for cheap car finance should word it as "Cheap Car High Cost"
Hi there - I would recommend you take a look over at

There are many complaints about ucan and other finance companies

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U can car credit??

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