Is my driving license revoked?

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optimistic82 | 18:18 Mon 07th Jul 2008 | Cars
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All, I need some expert advice as I am in a confused situation. I was driving in the UK with International Driving license and had applied for full UK one. I passed my theory but not the practical then when I was given to temptation and hired a car for weekend just after the expiry of my Intl license. The clerk at the hiring office looked at the license but had not asked for how long was I living in the UK. I got the car with all insurance paid and was driving, ofcourse with a bit of self conscience which made me feel nervous. This caught a cop's attention from behind, pulled me over and asked for details, for which I confessed my mistake and was charged for the offence "driving without insurance". Until that moment I was under the idea that though my Intl license was expired, the 3rd party insurance I had purchased from the car rental company was valid. Few months later, I received court summons. With no further questions/petitions, I plead guilty and took the punishment of some fine and 6 points on my new driver's license.
Now my question is - "Is my new full UK license already been revoked by the DVLA?". I have not received any correspondence from the DVLA after the final 'points' letter I received in feb '08 from the convicting court. I think DVLA should intimate within 6 months after the court notice if my license has been revoked. Do I have to consider that it was automatically revoked or have they shown some concern and decided not to revoke (well, I admit I am too optimistic here...). How long do I need wait to hear anything from the DVLA before I approach their enquiry which I don't want to do, because I am worried that my enquiry would trigger to start the revocation process which they might have ignored for some reasons (again my optimistic thoughts here...). Any experienced/experts reply is highly appreciated.


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You say that you passed the theory test (WELL DONE), but not the practical test, which means that you do not have a UK license, and sorry to say that you have to pass the theory again.

Sorrry to say this but you have to pay for give in to temptation.

When you took the hire car, you had NO driving license UK or internation as it expired, so the insurance is invalid.
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Thanks May57.
I already did pass my Practical test before the conviction from court but after committing the offence. Now I have a full UK driving license but still I am not driving anymore as I do not know its status. My confusion is that I have not received any notification from DVLA after I received points on my full UK license from the convicting court. So should I consider that my new full UK license which I have now is automatically revoked?
My god this is confusing ?.

12 points is a driving ban - How many points have you ?...If its 6 then your ok.

Better still pop into your local Police station and ask them to help you.
If you get 6 points within the first two years after passing your test DVLA will automatically revoke your licence but you should have been told.
With regard to the no insurance it will only have been invalid if you have never had a driving licence.

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Is my driving license revoked?

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