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inamess | 19:04 Wed 20th Feb 2008 | Cars
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I have just taken my 98 Corsa to a garage as it sounded like I needed the cambelt replacing (sounded like a belt was loose when i was acclerating) they have just gotten back to me saying not only do i need the belt repling but that it had put pressure on the polybelt so that needs replacing and that i also need a new water pump, costing a total �600. How can the cambelt have affected the water pump?! and should it cost this much? as a young girl I cant help but feel I am being taken for a ride....


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well young lady! i would have to say that it is normal to replace the waterpump at the same time as doing the cambelt as a new cambelt will put even more pressure on a worn waterpump and could cause a failure of the waterpump bearings. please note that only good mechanics do this...the backstreet butchers will normally just throw on a cambelt and take the chance.
i would suggest that the belt that was heard slipping was your fan belt/alternator belt , as a cambelt is a toothed belt which cannot slip unless extremely loose and then it will jump round a tooth or two and you have a wrecked engine...instantly! ahyhoo, if all of the above are being replaced and genuine vauxhall parts are being used also considering that mechanics time is usually charged at around �50 +vat per hour (this job should take no more than two to three hours) i would say that you are being overcharged. if it's a vauxhall dealership that is doing the work then the price you quote would be about right as they seem to charge a higher hourly rate for mechanics! hope this has been of some help. as an example,i have just done the same to a 98 ford mondeo and charged the guy �230 including genuine ford parts and labour.
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Thank you! It is a vauxhall dealership i have taken it to, I will def be shopping around before I fork out �600 for it, but is good to know why i may need a new water pump. Many thanks!

If you have the ecotec engine, they have a timing "chain" - so I would definitely look for a second opinion if this is true
Its not normal to change the water pump "every time " the cambelt is changed - if your car has clocked up say 80k then yes It would be a "good" idea to replace the water pump - they do wear and can spring a leak.
I would advise that if your car has done the above mentioned mileage it would be another good idea to get the timing belt tensioner pulley changed at the same time and, as these type of engines go a new thermostat as well - have had 4 Corsa's and three of them needed the thermostat changed.
Your car does have a belt - not a chain.
To renew most water pumps the cambelt and auxiliary belts have to be removed, most of the cost is labour to do this.

It is a wise precaution to renew the water pump at the same time because if it starts leaking it will cost nearly as much as the cambelt renewal you have just had done.

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