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Abysmal Customer Service From Mercedes Garage

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MichaelZZ | 20:16 Wed 01st Oct 2014 | Cars
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My daughter has recently had a number of problems with her local Merc garage. On three occasions she has booked her 200SLK in for servicing or electrical repairs and on each occasion either the work has not been done on time or, on two occasions, the garage "had no record" of the appointment having been made and she had to rebook - at some inconvenience to herself.
On the most recent occasion - for rectification of a "neck scarf" malfunction - she accepted the manager's offer of a courtesy car for the 2 days that the repair would take. When she returned the car, with the tank a quarter full as agreed, she was told that the job would take another 2 days but magnanimously she was allowed to keep the courtesy car, etc.
She has forcibly registered her profound dissatisfaction to the manager but does not seem to be getting anywhere.
She would like to know if there is anyone within the Mercedes organisation who will take her seriously when she has a complaint. Her view from her recent experiences is that the people that she has had the misfortune to deal with are both patronising and chauvinistic. She is also reluctant to escalate her complaints as she doesn't want any "accidental" damage to be caused next time her car has to go in to this (or any) Mercedes garage.
Alternatively, would there be any point in informing either the AA or even "Top Gear" of her problems?
Any comments would be appreciated.


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No - go up the line into Mercedes corporate in Germany; they will be perturbed to hear of such treatment and will act accordingly, perhaps a reference for her car to be checked over by another agency and the replacement car covered.

[email protected].
Contact Mercedes-Benz UK Customer Assistance Centre by emailing
[email protected]
or by writing to
Customer Assistance Centre
Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd
Delaware Drive
Milton Keynes
MK15 8BA

Alternatively, since Mercedes-Benz is member of Motor Codes (as are all their authorised dealerships), contact that organisation directly:
My brother in law had several 'high end' Mercs and was appalled at the bad service and snooty attitude of Merc staff and general inefficiency. He no longer has Mercs!
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Thanks DTC and Buenchico for your suggestions. I'll pass them on and let my daughter decide on her course of action.
Thanks also SDD for your comments. Of course it's always an option but she really likes the car.

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Abysmal Customer Service From Mercedes Garage

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