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What is the BBC spending its money on this summer

Big hit: Pride and PrejudiceA. The BBC has an extra 100 million for drama spread over the next two years to bridge the funding gap with its rival, ITV. The extra 100 million will be spent on01:00 Mon 09th Jul 2001

Who is in the runnning to win this year's National TV Awards

A. The nominations for the National Television Awards have recently been announced and Big Brother presenter Davina McCall has been nominated in five different categories so looks certain to walk01:00 Mon 09th Jul 2001

Which film opens the Edinburgh Festival

A. A French film, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain, opens this year's Edinburgh International Festival, which runs from August 12 - 26. The film, which opens in the UK in the autumn, has been an01:00 Sun 01st Jul 2001

Which films are being shot in the UK

A. There are a host of Hollywood stars in the UK this summer, working on a huge number of films. Around 230 million worth of films are being made, mostly by American directors using a lot of British01:00 Sun 01st Jul 2001

Which film is the biggest flop of all time

A. Town and Country, released here last Friday, is thought to be one of the biggest flops in history. The picture cost 69 million to make and earned just 4 million in four weeks of release before01:00 Sun 01st Jul 2001

Was Alma's death in Coronation Street believable

A. The Coronation Street character Alma Halliwell, played by actress Amanda Barrie, died from cervical cancer last week, only a few months after discovering she had the disease. She apparently had no01:00 Tue 26th Jun 2001

Why are film stars attracted to Scientology

A. The Church of Scientology has a huge following among Hollywood's movie stars. The devotees include John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Lisa-Marie Presley, Demi Moore and Kirstie Alley. John Travolta even01:00 Mon 25th Jun 2001

How many films has Pinewood Studios made

The studios say they have made the best part of 1,000 films as well as many TV programmes. For many cinema-goers, it is most famous for making the British classics - Bond, Doctor and Carry On01:00 Mon 25th Jun 2001

Are the Ealing comedies making a comeback

A. The studios are to have a 50 million facelift in an effort to rekindle the 'magical days' of British cinema. The studios traditionally made films featuring lovable rogues and gentle eccentrics in01:00 Mon 18th Jun 2001

Is Miami Vice still being shown

A. Miami Vice, the Eighties detective series, still has a worldwide audience through satellite and cable television in the UK and abroad. The show still has a massive following. Q. Will they01:00 Mon 18th Jun 2001

How much do soap stars earn

A. Big name soap stars can earn up to 170,000 a year. Many stars can boost their earnings with guest appearances or after-dinner speaking, and most channels pay their stars while on holiday and a01:00 Mon 18th Jun 2001

Is there a sequel to Here Comes Mr Jordan

A. There is a new film out soon called Down to Earth, a remake of the 1978 Warren Beatty film, Heaven Can Wait, which was itself a remake of 1941's Here Comes Mr Jordan. The latest version of the01:00 Mon 11th Jun 2001

What big films will be released this summer

A. Science fiction and fantasy is very much the genre of this summer's hottest new films. The big blockbusters of 2001 are tipped to be Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Lord of the Rings:01:00 Mon 11th Jun 2001

How did Angelina Jolie train for Lara Croft role

A. She endured months of training and had to put on a lot of weight for the role. In her first week, the producers banned cigarettes, alcohol and bread, and she followed a strict food regime to01:00 Mon 11th Jun 2001

Who won at the Montreux Television Festival

A. British comedian Lenny Henry beat competition from around the world to win the Golden Rose top prize at the Montreux Television Festival. The panel of international judges decided Henry's Pieces01:00 Tue 05th Jun 2001

Is it true Sean Connery got the 007 role, because he was cheap

A. According to Sir Sean, he got his big break as agent 007 in the first Bond thriller Dr No in 1962 because he cost very little. Sir Sean had appeared in Disney's Darby O'Gill and the Little People01:00 Tue 05th Jun 2001

Why is the film Pearl Harbour causing so much fuss

A. The $150 million Disney blockbuster, which opened in the States last week, tells the story of the devastating Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941. The film, which opens in Japan in July, has01:00 Tue 05th Jun 2001

Does anyone understand Survivor

A. The new ITV programme is about 16 men and women who have been cast away on a desert island off the coast of Borneo and made to fend for themselves until one emerges triumphant from the test. The01:00 Tue 29th May 2001

What is Equity

A. The British Actors Equity Assocation (Equity) is the only trade union to represent artists from across the spectrum of artists and entertainment in the UK. It was formed in 1930 by a group of West01:00 Tue 29th May 2001

When does Big Brother 2 arrive on our screens

A. The new series goes out on Channel 4 at the end of this month. The ten new contestants will be named on Friday and the new series of the programme will be screened for 64 days. Q. Will the01:00 Tue 29th May 2001

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