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When did Miss World start on TV

A. It was started in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations. Officially titled 'Festival Bikini Contest', it was the British press who dubbed it Miss World. It instantly attracted huge01:00 Tue 22nd May 2001

What is the Children's Film Foundation

A. The Children's Film Foundation (CFF) was created in 1951 and it enjoyed the support of the industry and government of the day. It was launched by Lord Rank and had a specific remit to make films01:00 Tue 22nd May 2001

Can Cantona act

A. The former Manchester United star most recently appeared in the 1999 film Les Enfants Du Marais (Children of the Marshland). This is the whimsical tale of two friends - Garris and Riton - living01:00 Mon 21st May 2001

Can you get Top of the Pops in the States

Q. Can you get Top of the Pops in America A. According to the BBC, producer Chris Cowey has been in negotiations with American networks for a US version of TOTP for some time. The US version would01:00 Mon 14th May 2001

When was the first commercial on British TV

Q. When was the first commercial shown on British TV A. The first British commercial was shown in 1955 and advertised Gibbs SR toothpaste. It began... it's tingling fresh, it's as fresh as ice...The01:00 Mon 14th May 2001

What are the rules governing the 9pm watershed

Q. What are the rules governing the 9m watershed A. In November the Government announced the 9pm watershed would remain in place despite the growth of digital channels. It is effectively in place01:00 Mon 14th May 2001

How do you make pesto

Q. How do you make pesto A. It's a tasty comination of garlic, ground pinenuts and fresh basil. There are some really good fresh varities available in the supermarket or you can try the bottled01:00 Mon 07th May 2001

How much money can you win on television

Q. How much money can you win on television A. The incredible success of ITV's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is down to its ultimate prize. There had been nothing quite like it before Chris01:00 Mon 07th May 2001

Who will shine at the Cannes Film festival

Q. Who is likely to shine at this year's Cannes Film festival A. Japanese director Shohei Imamura is tipped to be winner of the Palme d'Or. Also present will be David Lynch, the Coen Brothers01:00 Mon 07th May 2001

Why is Hollywood facing strike action

A. The writers and actors in Los Angeles are demanding for 'residuals', payments for replays of films and TV programmes, in markets that barely existed or generated little revenue when contracts01:00 Mon 07th May 2001

Can you visit film locations

A. It obviously depends on which films and programmes you are a fan of, but generally speaking, it's pretty easy to see for yourself the backdrop to some of the most famous movies ever made. For01:00 Sun 29th Apr 2001

How can I be a film extra

A. There are a number of ways you can become a film extra in movies or TV programmes. Joining a casting agent is advisable, although you may have to pay a fee, which doesn't always guarantee work.01:00 Thu 26th Apr 2001

What's the best English film ever made

A. Empire film magazine has just published the results of a survey carried out to mark St George's Day on 23 April and the number one all time best English film was The Full Monty, according to01:00 Wed 25th Apr 2001

When was the weather first broadcast on television

A. On 11 November, 1936, the world's first television weather charts were transmitted at the start of a trial series. The BBC closed down during the Second World War, but in July, 1949, weather maps01:00 Thu 19th Apr 2001

What do Americans think of the British gameshow The Weakest Link

A. Presenter Anne Robinson's debut performance on the US version of the programme has proved a hit with the US studio audience and the show's contestants. But the critics have seemed less than01:00 Wed 18th Apr 2001

What excitement can we expect from this year's Baftas

A. Well, Anne Robinson's Weakest Link is head to head with Chris Tarrant for the title of Best Entertainment Series at the Bafta television awards. They face stiff competition from Have I Got News01:00 Mon 16th Apr 2001

What does a gaffer do behind the scenes on TV and film sets

A. A gaffer is in charge of electrical work and also works closely with the director of photography to create a look or mood through lighting. Q. What exactly is a producer A. A producer is in01:00 Sat 14th Apr 2001

How can I become a television newsreader in London

asks Sanchayita:A. There are very few direct routes to such a job. Almost all current TV newsreaders have started out in local newspapers and radio. Q. What's the best way to start A. First, get01:00 Mon 09th Apr 2001

How did the Bridget Jones phenomenon start:

A. Bridget Jones' Diary actually started off as a spoof column in the The Independent newspaper. The idea for the column was thought up by the then features editor Charles Leadbeater. He commissioned01:00 Thu 05th Apr 2001

The Royle Family on US TV

A. That's right, US network CBS network has just brought the rights to re-make the BBC's Royle Family, the comedy about the family of Liverpudlian couch potatoes. In the US version, however, the01:00 Wed 04th Apr 2001

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