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What are the most famous one-liners in the movies

CasablancaA. There are some classic one-liners which have been repeated millions of times over the years. "Go ahead, make my day," - Clint Eastwood, in the 1983 film, Sudden Impact "Here's looking00:00 Mon 27th Aug 2001

What's the most expensive drama ever made

A. The most expensive drama ever made is thought to be the Steven Spielberg epic Band of Brothers. It is an all-American tale of bravery and tragedy - with a budget of 80 million. It follows the00:00 Mon 20th Aug 2001

Who directed the Girl with the Pearl Earring

A. Mike Newell, the British director of Four Weddings And A Funeral, is directing the 10 million film. Kate Hudson, the Hollywood actress and daughter of Goldie Hawn, stars in the movie, the00:00 Mon 20th Aug 2001

What's the funniest film ever made

A. According to the American Film Institute, it was the Marilyn Monroe classic Some Like it Hot. The Billy Wilder classic with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, which was made in black and white 42 years00:00 Mon 20th Aug 2001

What are the top cult TV programmes

A. Dr Who has been heralded as the most important influential cult TV programme of all time, according to media historian Jeff Evans. John Cleese's Fawlty Towers is in second place, and the original00:00 Mon 13th Aug 2001

What will new BBC3 channel show

A. BBC3 has been described as 'Radio 1 for television', with one-minute news bulletins interspersed with short-form programmes on youth culture, news and sport. Proposed programmes include This Life,00:00 Mon 13th Aug 2001

Are Indian films becoming more mainstream

A. The Bollywood film industry seems to be on the brink of mainstream success with the film Lagaan, a period drama which has given Hindi films a huge boost in the UK. The producers of Lagaan, the00:00 Mon 13th Aug 2001

Will Del Boy ever make a comeback

A. it seems Del Boy Trotter and his brother Rodney will be back after a five-year absence. The original cast of Only Fools and Horses, possibly Britain's most popular sitcom, will begin filming one of00:00 Mon 06th Aug 2001

Was the original Planet of the Apes a sci-fi classic

A. The 1968 original was very much a sci-fi classic of its era. Based on a novel by Pierre Boulle, it starred a bare-chested Charlton Heston as a bitter US astronaut who hurls himself into space to00:00 Mon 06th Aug 2001

Did Hitchcock make the scariest films

A. He did according to the American Film Institute. The institute recently announced its 100 best thrillers, and Hitchcock reinforced his reputation when Psycho came top. He had three in the top 1000:00 Sun 05th Aug 2001

Who was the first TV chef

A. The rise and rise of TV cookery programmes has propelled many chefs into celebrity superstardom. The British love affair with TV cookery shows began in the early 1970s when the little known Fanny00:00 Mon 30th Jul 2001

Where did the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy start

A. The comic science fiction epic started on BBC radio and the series quickly became a cult hit. It led author, Douglas Adams, to give it a new lease of life as a book and ultimately it became a BBC00:00 Mon 30th Jul 2001

What was the Black and White Minstrel Show

A. The Black and White Minstrel Show was the most popular family entertainment show in its heyday, regularly attracting over 16 million viewers. Its racist implications were widely acknowledged in00:00 Mon 30th Jul 2001

Is it true Dan Dare will be wearing pink trousers in his new TV series

A. Dan Dare, the comic strip hero, is making a comeback in a 14 million animated television series, and he's had a makeover. His super square jaw and crisp military uniform have been replaced by a00:00 Mon 23rd Jul 2001

Is Laura Dern in Jurassic Park III

A. She's back as paleobotanist Dr Ellie Sattler in the third of the series, but this time in a much smaller role. This time it's Tea Leoni, wife of X-Files star David Duchovny, who has to evade the00:00 Mon 23rd Jul 2001

What was the inspiration behind the film Greenfingers

A. Prison. The new film starring Helen Mirren is the story of a team of criminals from Leyhill prison who won a gold medal at Chelsea Flower Show. It's the true story of six inmates, serving time00:00 Mon 23rd Jul 2001

When did children's TV start

A. 1950 was the year that children's television came of age. It began with Watch With Mother, the brainchild of legendary Freda Lingstrom, who became head of children's television at the BBC. It was00:00 Mon 16th Jul 2001

Which TV programmes attract the most complaints

A. Last year BBC2's Room 101, in which guest Anne Robinson criticised the Welsh, attracted the single most number of complaints - 427 in total. Ms Robsinson, who has achieved worldwide fame with her00:00 Mon 16th Jul 2001

Who is the world's highest paid film star

A. Harrison Ford who returns to the role of Indiana Jones after a 12-year break, is reported to be the world's highest paid film star, commmanding a fee of $20 million. The figure puts Ford higher00:00 Mon 16th Jul 2001

How many films show a character his or her future

A. It's a well established film technique. In Frank Capra's It a Wonderful Life, made in 1946, a guardian angel showed suicidal George, played by James Stewart, how Bedford Falls would have fared had00:00 Mon 09th Jul 2001

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