Emmerdale last night

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Reverandfunk | 10:51 Wed 17th Oct 2007 | TV
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How did Victoria get the wound on her head when she was lying on her bed?

Why did none of them jump out of the windows when it was only about a 10 foot drop to the ground?

How did the old bird next door get overcome by smoke - there was hardly any in the room when Pollard went in?

Why had she also locked the door behind her when she went in?

Do I need to get out more?


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Why did everyone outside stand there for 5 minutes doing nothing are the initial explosion?
I dont normally watch it, now I know why! lol
Step away from the soaps Rev!
Question Author
That Daz stood there for the whole episode touching his head wounds lol
I agree - it as rubbish.

Oh and werent the windows easy to smash and no one got cut by the glass!!
And what actually ignoted the petrol?

Vic fell on the stairs

Jack did

Who knows?! This is Pearl we're talking about

IT closed itself

Yes, but then so do I? LOL
Question Author
Jack did about 20 mins after the fire started

Victoria looked like she had been baseball batted (I wish)

Think I shall have to retire to the bedroom when the soaps are on

Dont get me started on home and away....
Get out more.
That's my advice :o)
Question Author
Cheries I thought u were going to say to go to the bedroom lol
Oh, I can answer that one oj.............. Jack turned on the hot water tap which fired up the gas boiler and that ignited the petrol fumes!

Arghhhhhhhhh! I took more notice of it than I ever want to admit to! lol
Give me half a chance Rev x
And who will Diane end up with Grumpy Jack or bad boy Billy?!
Question Author
That much lol
Well at the moment it looks like I'm going to need Chloroform
Question Author
Diane got neither lol
oh I missed it, now I have digital I get too tempted to watch the Hollyoaks next look. Anyone die?
Where did the fire engine come from, Outer Mongolia?
Question Author
No one rung it for about half hour lol
just watched it at lunch, oh dear and thats it reverse a truck full of straw up to a burning building, Good one

Why did the producers of Emmerdale not use this opportunity to get rid of two of the worst actors in soap history- Jack and Diane or do they have to go on paying them to churn out tedious performances that these days would not pass an audition for an amateur production. (Not demeaning amateur shows in any way)
billy is leaving so diane wont end up with him

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Emmerdale last night

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