Dean Gaffney's trial - I'm a celeb.

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shero101 | 23:41 Thu 16th Nov 2006 | TV
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TV history or what ?


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Thanks. You just answered my question with yours. Cheers :-)
wow ive never met anyone who can scream in a higher pitch than me untill i saw his trial. it was like he was high aswell and he didnt really know what he had let himself in for surley he knew the programme before he went in ???
I felt sort of sorry for him. But still couldnt stop laughing.
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I thought it put Paul Burrell's trial in the shade. I agree, I did feel sorry for him. From his comments they obviously kept him in the dark to make it even more of a surprise. Fair play to him though on getting so many stars. It will certainly make him popular when he gets to camp. It was so funny though even right up to the end when Ant and Dec were signing off and he shouted 'help!'.
brilliant, best bush tucker trial yet .poor dean looked absolutely terrified but still carried on, well done dean gaffney you are a star
it was all an act by dean gaffney overacting at its worst, id rather have seen willard doing the trial.
I felt so sorry for him - it was the worst trial so far.
I missed it!! When was it on as I watched last night till they were told that none of them had to do a trial and I thought it had finished??
This was TV joy at it's best, and no way was Gaffney acting, unless he can spontaneously vomit at will.

Basically, he came on screen looking really, really confused, didn't know he was on live tv, and couldn't understand that the viewers had voted him in. He was then told he was going to do a trial, and started totally flipping out, hyperventillating and vommiting (off camera during the break). When we came back he was still utterly panic stricken, but worked his way through several horrible insect/rat infested trials, screaming and retching the whole time. I thought he was going to kill some of those baby crocodiles with the amount of thrashing he was doing in the pool. Highlights -
"Ahhh, I'm bleeding" "It's only a scratch Dean, you'll be okay"

and of course his glorious exit, where he disappeared of screen into the jungle, and Ant and Dec tried to do their final link to camera, punctuated by Gaffney shouting 'Help' somewhere in the jungle.
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HI , PinkFizz, The live trial was at 10pm last night, but don't worry I am sure it will be shown again, and again, and again. If you can check out the 5.30 ITV1 show tonight as I will probably be featured. No doubt it will enter into 'i'm a celeb' folklore if it hasn't already.

I totally agree with Supernick's post.
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Oops, that should have read 'it will probably be featured'. I won't be featured anywhere!
I really really felt sorry for the poor chap. He was obviously hyper ventiliating and they kept telling him to take deep breaths... LONG breaths may have been better advice, or even hold your breath.

I must say though, reading Supernick's synopsis had me in stitches again.
Yep, great post Supernick! I thought it was totally hilarious and apparently all the production staff on the show were cheering and clapping every time he got a star!
hate this programme but happened to see this and I thought it was hilarious. If you can try and listen to Chris moyles on line taking the mick out of Dean Gaffney this morning that was even funnier. My son was in histerics by the time he got to school.
It was vile and I thought he was so weird. My daughter thought it was horrible and couldnt watch it. Not cos of the animals - because of HIM!!
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really isnt "wellard" is he? What a poof! If he was acting, it was even better acting than he did in eastenders
PiinkFizz - digitalspy's got the video.
i don't usually watch i'm a celeb but saw it yesterday and it was friggin' hilarious. Poor Dean man, i felt sorry for him too and i know ant and dec wanted to laugh their heads off lol.

spanner7853, i heard the chirs moyles thing on radio today, it was so funny man! made me laugh at work!

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