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Who gets your vote this week?

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Metz | 21:22 Tue 27th Jun 2006 | TV
11 Answers

Susie gets my vote :o)


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susie defo gets my vote,shes a boring old fart,let the new house mates have her.
No put aisleyne in - she will be so much more entertaining and excited about the new housemates...all susie will do is make a cup of tea !!!!
Aisleyne, deffo.... I'm with Kimbro on this one. Plus Susie is soooooo boring.
put aisleyne in. she'll be so pleased when she finds out she's not been evicted!
I dont think I care anymore , the younger one is a tart , and the older one is a tart with money
yup put aisleyne in, and hopefully if they do all end up in the main house the boring old ones(susie, lea and richard) will be really p*ssed off!! lol
Think about it......the housemate going into the new house will be going back into the big house eventually. Just imagine the hm's (two)faces if it is Susie!
DEFINATELY AISLEYNE to go into the new house - she'll be well funny.

Can u imagine everyones faces when they think Susie had beaten Aisleyne!?
DEFO aisyleyne she will be dead excited susie should be up for nomis next week so we can vote her out then!
I can't work out who I'll vote for on this one . I mean Susie would be boring in the new house , but who knows maybe there will be really strong characters with her there.

I mean it's not like we're voting for eviction is it? In which case I'm sure Susie would go , but whoever it is will be coming back anyway.

So like I said I don't know...............................................:o{
aishleyne it will just be so funny to see the others faces when she goes back in, i think suzies to boring and should be eveicted for real

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