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Redbel | 23:20 Sat 03rd Jun 2006 | TV
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What a nasty, vindictive, self centered person she is. She is so bossy, I really hope she is up for nomination this week and gets even more boos than Sezer......good riddance, she is a nasty peice of work.


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Too right!!!

yeah but i'm worried that she won't get nominated by the others! I don't think they can see what she's really like. Apart from ashlene. Imogen is being a cow now too, how awful was that? Her singing while poor sam was talking to her! And Lisa too! She's 'orrible!

i feel better now.

Question Author

I liked Lisa in the beginning but not now.....she is twofaced. Oh I know crisgal, I thought it was horrible the way Imogen did that....

I really want to see grace go next week , as I think that it will be the nail in the coffin for the "plastics". I dont see dimogen or mikey having enough balls to carry on with there group .
The plastics and Lia will vote out Sam though this week Im sure of it .
so this week Ill woud say ..grace ..sam and nikki up for eviction.
Question Author

Blyss, totally agree, but I think Lea will nominate, Grace and Nikki.....she thought she had a friend in Nikki but Nikki stabbed her in the back.

Oh and back to Grace again, did you see the way she said if a new bloke comes into the house...we will have to get the bikinis on and makeup everyday....the girl is so dillousional...

I think Ashlene will go next week,she is so far up her own ar$e it`s made her hair go all frizzy....Lia and Richard should be up for eviction too,just so they don`t get too cosy..AhemW#nkersTweetTawooo..Yeah man!!!!!
I am beginning to hate Sam more and more. I'm all in favour of Glyn and Imogen ganging up together by singing and/or speaking in Welsh as a means of cutting out Sam. Grace is a cretacious booliak, but actually I agree with her about the horribleness of Aisleyne and Sam. I hope that Glyn will win.
Question Author

Imogen comes across as such a nice girl.....but that Grace is trying so much to get people onside.......she is gonna make Imogen look bad..... I just hope Imogen get's on to what Grace is doing.. Oh and Glynn, I love him, he is so harmless, did you see his face when Mikey tried to get him involved in the aguement.....

What is Mikey doing in there.......he is so boring....I'm a scouser but tell you what, I'd never in a million years vote for Mikey.....

Is Mikey a scouser?...Well I`ll be fu... I have never heard a scouser sound like that,I thought his microphone was playing up lol...and he looks like Gary Neville......BTW I never watch the show ;oP
Question Author are still a nutter. :)...... I think he's trying to be a Vernon Kay

bez i totally agree, grace is so two faced and evil. she cant stand anyone having fun with mikey but teases him herself! daft boot! sam is a pain in the a$$ too!!

i am loving glyn and pete tho!

Question Author
wonderwoman.....Pete will win hands down........he is so lovely, but I love Glynn aswell.......he is such a sweetie.. I just hope the rest can see through the spoilt brat.....Grace
did you see imogen and mikey holding hands in the dark accross the beds the night cezar left? the boy is quick! don't blame him, wanting a change from gormless rubber pug faced grace
********** the lot of ya
How good was it when Grace demanded Mikey help her look for her earing and he just ignored her and played with Ashleen !! I think Richard and Sam will be up this week as everyone who voted for richard last week are still there..dont think Lia will be up as everyone seems to like her more now.
I dont like the way grace, imogen, nikki and lisa are bitching and back stabbing but it could be interesting to see the look on graces face if mikey did get it on with ashlene god she will go absolutely nuts , so allthough I think she should go I think perhaps it might be sam
I wudnt kick Grace outa bed
That bird just makes my blood boil im willing everyone in there to see the real her and vote her out. I think imogen and nikki are both being led by her jealous bitchin and i love the other group e.g pete lea richard and so on. how anyone can actually like her is beyond me.
She is a nasty person - and how jealous is she of Aisleyne? Tee hee - I know it's wicked but I'd really like something to happen between Aisleyne and Mikey - 'specially since, when Grace wanted to get with George, she was all, "oh no, me and Mikey are just having fun, we're not in a relationship or anything." The looks Grace was giving Aisleyne when she was in that pink bikini!! And her "did you get that from a 'special' shop?" Classic. Soooo hope she's up for eviction this week! xx

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