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joko | 04:38 Sun 04th Jun 2006 | TV
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who likes it and who hates it?



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And the link to the World cup is ?

None of the Big Brother contestants are really that fussed about the World Cup otherwise they wouldn't have entered because they can't watch it in there.

Unpatriotic sods.

What is it?
Teehee Sharpy36 - great answer! Big Brother's crap anyway. Ceecee
Question Author

theres no link sharpy

guess what guys, i was being facetious about the fact that the world cup has got a separate section.

couldn't care less about big brother or what any of you think about it


and ceecee, how is that great answer? are you 15?

I must be slow this morning, but how is what you posted facetious? Wouldn't there have to be humour involved for that to be the case ;o) (and generally speaking, if you have to explain it, it hasn't worked lol) x
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in case you hadn't noticed many are up in arms about footy getting its own topic and want one for big brother, as that infects other threads, so i thought i'd join them up

it was a bit of cheek, to get a reaction - that worked ;o)

as I said, if you have to explain it mate........;o)
lmao...just realised it's been moved :o))

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big brother

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