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Gemma`s Death In Emmerdale

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kloofnek | 15:22 Wed 28th May 2014 | TV
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I know this is rather belated but the death of Gemma for which Belle is going to court for.The police asked her to show them where she was when she argued with Gemma and pushed her,which she did(the stone that she banged her head on was there)...did they not realise that that was NOT where the body was found???If anyone remembers,she had got up and had walked a little way before collapsing down dead...Ok Belle is to to blame indirectly for the death but it was just a tragic accident.


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AFAIK the police said Bella deliberately pushed her so they charged her with murder...
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Yes,but they should have realised that Belle did not leave Gemma for dead as she had got up and told Belle to get lost.
I know it is only a soap but sometimes they do annoy me...or maybe I watch too many of these programmes about include forensic etc.My daughter does too...and we are like lawyers going through the evidence ,why`s and why fors.
I find that in soapland people are arrested and charged with no apparent evidence.
Well ............. how about Tina in Coronation Street? She first survives the fall from the balcony above - onto concrete. She is then talking and raving quite rationally whilst appearing to be in no pain whatsoever and then, hey presto, she dies!

Who writes this stuff and more to the point, why do we carry on watching it?

Incidentally, the character of Tina is now so type-casted that one cannot imagine her in another role, unlike the 'professional' actor/actress who can take on and fit into any role.
Tina didn't 'just die', Rob beat her with an iron bar, and then she was still alive when the ambulance took her...!
But to your point kloofnek, I also wondered why they wanted to know the spot she pushed her, as you say the location wasn't at all relevant to her death.

I find soap police are ridiculous and incredibly may be drama but we're not idiots!
I know it is only a soap but David found Gemma's phone next to the rock which she cracked her head on and nothing has been said about that. Mind you he is so stupid he probably cannot remember his own name but I thought the police were investigating so how come they have not picked up on that? He phoned Dom from it the next morning.
Whether or not Michelle Keegan is 'typecast' will be entirely down to her prowess as an actress. Cast your mind back a number of years to the dizzy barmaid Raquel. Would you ever have believed that Sarah Lancashire could turn in such performances as she has done in Last Tango in Halifax and Happy Valley. Not to mention her portrayal as the dowdy and prim Miss Audrey in The Paradise. The same could also be said in regards to Suranne Jones (Vincent, Unforgiven, Scott & Bailey) and, to a lesser degree, Bradley Walsh (Law And Order).
Sorry Ken, I did an earlier answer for you but I was having trouble with my computer at the time, and my answer didn't come up. Anyway, have noted what you say and although I quite like Bradley Walsh in his role a a detective, I see him also as a quiz master and a comedian and I think it is for that reason because he is quite versatile (and I like him). However, the two girls are not quite so believable for me, but to be fair, I didn't watch those particular dramas they were in because they had no appeal to me - the dramas I hasten to add. My favourite programmes are always the FBI Files, CSI, etc. Happy viewing.

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Gemma`s Death In Emmerdale

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