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Off Their Rockers

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Caran | 23:34 Sun 28th Apr 2013 | TV
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I can't watch this programme, I cringe with embarrassment. I did watch the first programme but now I have to turn it off as it makes me so uncomfortable. What do other ABers think?


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I think it is absolutely wonderful because it shows just how very kind people can be.
In tonight's episode a young woman was helping, she believed, an old woman with her medicine. She was caring and kind.

Two young men were set up a treat with the old women in raunchy costumes - they too were nice people.
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I really did feel uncomfortable watching it, I have tried each week but only last five minutes.
Try again with fresh eyes, Caran. It really is trumpeting the kind heartedness of the young, in my opinion.
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Ok will give it another try hc.
I love the programme. I thought it was very bad of the 2 shop assistants in the bed store to laugh the way they did. Not very professional
I saw it for the first time three weeks ago, watched it last week and hoping to find it on catch up today. I don't watch much television, but this programme had me smiling and laughing throughout. Love it. Seems that the public really do respect their elders, doing unthinkable things to help.

Beejaybee, would you manage to keep a straight face!?!
To be fair, I'd have laughed, too.
I absolutely love it. Watched it with Mum and Dad last night and we were roaring with laughter. Also love the way the young folk they ask to help them are always so obliging.
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Deskie, please don't spam other threads with your music requests.
I think it's more about the young people and their reactions but it is getting rather repetitive now and some of the jokes are downright stupid.

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Off Their Rockers

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