Does anyone hate Charley more than I do?

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littlechub | 23:42 Mon 18th Jun 2007 | Reality TV
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Well, do ya?


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I think I might!!

If not, I come a close second!!!
Believe me i do...

She must have hit every branch on the ugly tree on her way down... just how many branches does an ugly tree have.

End of the day shes just another no mark wannabe.
hates a strong word for a tv programme. In a funny way she makes me crack up just because the way she loves herself so much, from what the cameras show of her (which can be picked out) she isnt a person I'd nwant to hang out with. But she is entertaining on BB.
she's not entertaining at all. She is actually getting quite repetitive and boring. If she doesnt get voted out this week I may copnsider not wathing BB until she leaves. Channel 4 should stop showing her tantrums as they are gettig tedius.

She is ugly and has absolutely no qualities, from what she has made evident, about her. I have no idea why she loves herself and she has to be the most horrid person I have ever seen. If I were that house I think I would get chucked out for smashing a bottle over her ugly mug. She is the worst a person could ever be. Plus she has no idea on swimming costumes, if she did she wouldnt wear thos awful things and show her granny like boobs! I hope when she leaves that someone has the balls to throw rotten vegetables and egss at her. Get a job charley!
Just as a matter of interest what are the ratings like??
ok maybe not in your eyes but without her who is there to talk about.
She is the reason I have switched off.
you'd just batter her if you were in there wouldnt you. i don't know why no-one has got back up in her face. i'd love to have a go
i am astonished at the sheer audacity of her, she does makes me lol though and i do think it would be very quiet without her. I can't wait til she gets boo's on her exit, she is not going to know what has hit her.
Bet she gets beaten up in a club as well. I would hate to go to the same clubs as her - can you imagine how shallow all the people are there.
She says she says the names because that�s her life, you wouldn�t get me in their saying oh I went clubbing with Sharon from down the road and ronnie from up the pub. Names don�t need to be said no matter what your life style is. She is very ugly too.
Thought it was funny that she name dropped John Terry and Frank Lampard as friends and they said they don't even know her ha ha ha.
She does my head in! I can't watch BB because of her, her voice makes me cringe! lol She is such a chav and thinks she's better than anybody else! She must have got very little attention when she was a kid cause now she needs to shout over other people to make sure they listen! Aaaaarghhh.....I haven't watched it since last week now.
she talks like Vicki Pollard
I am refusing to watch now until she is evicted.
Well every one has said it for me.I really have nothing to add except Get Her Out.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh I hate her.
I dont htink she is entertaining at all, she is a bully as bad as Jade Goody, from what I have seen of her she is a very distastefull young woman the sooner she's out the better.
i dont know why you are all putting her down because of her looks, whats her prettiness/ugliness got to do with anything? yes she complains alot and is annoying, but shes nearly not as two faced as ziggy and chanel who constantly talk behind her back. She doesnt say much behind peopes backs nd at least she has the balls to say it to peoples faces. Nicky in fact argues alot more than Charlie. Whos to say youre anything great to look at @Spaced. At least Charlie is being herself, however that is and is not pouting in a corner pretending to be victoria beckham, when in fact Chanel look nothing like her. I just cant see the resemblance, im sorry. Its chanel who needs to get a life, not Charlie. In fact, im going to pose a Q about it.
Nothing at all I like Trace the best and she� not attractive but I was saying she�s ugly as she seems to think she�s gorgeous and that�s what makes it more funny. and Channell is very pretty and she's not looking in mirrors every second
That was a bit nasty to spaced, I think he meant it as in she thinks she is. And hey he�s entitled to an opinion.
4get how many are watching? 3 million?

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Does anyone hate Charley more than I do?

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