Ziggy and Chanelle

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True Blue 36 | 12:29 Tue 19th Jun 2007 | Reality TV
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Its not love - did you see Davina on Sunday with the psycologists. Its so interesting - They said Ziggy is using Chanelle and she is just realising it


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from a blokes point of view I actually believe that Ziggy does have true feelings for her. I think she does too but has realised that maybe she has rushed into a BB relationship and will not have a chance to "window shop" before settling with one person in the house. I do think she has a soft spot for billy, who in my opinion in bordering on gay. I think that it would be wrong and totally out of order for Billy or brian to make advances on chanelle.

Ziggys stare at billy last night after being told by tracey that Billy possibly fancies Chanelle was priceless. If looks could kill, billy would be dead, buried, exhumed, killed and buried again. Brilliant!

Billy is just looking for anything spare as is Brian. Come on, when would he actually go for one of the twins in real life. Beggars cant be choosers is what I am thinking about billy and brian!
I agree with you spaced.
I do think that Ziggy likes Chanelle, but he seems to be getting concerned about the age gap.
And yes, maybe Channelle is having second thoughts now that Billie is in the house!
yer I think he does like her. I do think though he wouldnt have chosen her on the outside but he has clicked in an environment that does change you. I think it is more her now that is having second thoughts
I think it is her that has been doing the using all along.

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Ziggy and Chanelle

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