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Curvylady | 22:11 Sun 20th Nov 2011 | Reality TV
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Why on earth did this woman go into the Australian jungle when she is afraid of her own shadow. She's such a wimp, must be the money eh?


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money and future work is my guess.

These are not day to day really can't be sure how you'd react when you're faced with it.
Hmmmm - what's worse? jungle creepy crawlies or kissing Simon Cowell.....
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I have only seen a couple of Jungle shows but she is really getting on my nerves, nothing will hurt her or kill her, some slimey stuff and crawly things but crikey what a pain she is.
Of course it's about the money!.......she won't last very long!.....not her thing is it really!.............
I would think creepie crawlies kissing Simon Cowell............

Hope you feel a little better, postdog!
in fairness when you are chosen over and over again it can thrust someone into the spotlight more, like gillian mckeith last year
I wouldn't consider myself a wuss....but compared to them I am. I picked up a slug by accident the other day. Glad no one was about to see my reaction...and I was wearing gloves...
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Surely when these "celebs" sign up for this show they know what's in store for them.
I don't watch it BTW - just going on other people talking about it.

I did read though that SC offered her more money NOT to do it.
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Yes, they know what they are signing up for. Knowing and actually being face to face with it are two different things...
Curvylady, sure they do know, but they just see the ££££££££££££ signs, and publicity, and sign up for it anyway!..........
if your the one who gets picked on then its hell, if you slink through the two weeks by not being chosen its easy money, thats the risk you take when you sign on the dotted line..
It is plain she is not as much of a celebrity as she thinks she is...since curvylady can't even spell her name.....
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Oops soryy for not spelling her name right, slapped wrist for me then.
this programme should be retitled 'I am not and never really was a celebrity get me in there so I can pay my rent this month'

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